About us

Delivering innovative technology that has great transformation potential.

Fetch.ai is a world-changing project.
An innovative platform for connecting IoT devices and algorithms to enable collective learning. Built on a high throughput sharded ledger, the Fetch.ai architecture delivers a unique smart contract capability to deploy ML/AI solutions for the decentralized problem solving.

The open source tools allow users to create diverse eco-structures (ecosystem infrastructures) and deploy new commercial models.

We are a dynamic, fast-growing international team of engineers and forward-thinking technology researchers working on the convergence of blockchain, AI and multi-agent systems. We are building technology for both today and tomorrow - a collective super-intelligence on top of decentralized economic internet built with a highly scalable next-generation distributed ledger technology. Combined with machine learning, this delivers the predictions and infrastructure to power the future economy.
Developing fascinating and promising new technology, we have a team of top class software engineers and researchers working across multiple fields (multi-agent systems, machine learning, economics, cryptography).

To further improve our solutions and deploy them in real life scenarios, we also collaborate with top academics and corporate partners across the world .

We believe our technology will improve how we communicate, it will give voice and new opportunities to people, organizations and the Internet of Things, effectively democratizing the space and improving the lives of citizens.

Meet the team

  • Leadership Team
  • Developers
  • Researchers
  • IT, Marketing & Admin

Humayun Sheikh

CEO, Co-founder

An innovation entrepreneur, founding investor in DeepMind with a record in revolutionizing trading in steel sector and now changing the way we transact and travel.

Toby Simpson

COO, Co-founder

Producer of the successful a-life Creatures series of games and early developer at Deepmind. His thirty years’ experience in software, ten as a CTO, are now focussed on crypto-economics.

Thomas Hain

CSO, Co-founder

Professor at Sheffield and established scientist in advanced machine learning AI who bridges real world and academia and is inspired by the opportunities AI brings to modern society.

Jonathan Ward


A researcher in machine learning, complex systems and blockchain technology. Excited by the challenge of deploying decentralized multi-agent systems in smart cities, supply chain and healthcare. PhD in Machine Learning from UCL.

Maria Minaricova

Director of Business Development

Experienced in managing strategic program delivery, business development and the application of state-of-the-art ICTs. Worked at Oracle and at Europe’s e-infrastructure GEANT collaborated with flagship pan-European research groups and e-infrastructures.

Attila Bagoly

Software Engineer

An enthusiastic software engineer and trained scientist with an MSc in statistical and particle physics. He previously worked on numerical hydrodynamics, particle physics data analysis and various machine learning projects.

Peter Bukva

Principal Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer and scientist. Previously worked at Bloomberg and Siemens Corporate Research. MSc in Solid State Physics and PhD in High Temperature Superconductors.

Joshua Croft

Application Lead

NLP and data mining specialist in geolocation, natural language and IoT. Ex-PlayStation developer with an MSc in Advanced Computer Science from the University of East Anglia.

Ed Fitzgerald

Lead Software Engineer

A engineer, researcher and technology enthusiast with experience of distributed ledgers, video codecs, networking and low level software optimization. Strong engineering and mathematical background, he obtained his degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Surrey.

Nathan Hutton

Senior Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer with a strong focus in distributed systems, networking and low level optimisation. Received an MEng in Electronic Engineering from the University of Edinburgh.

Aristoteles Triantafyllidis

Software Engineer

A computer developer specializing in game production. Passionate about programming and producing innovative projects, he has a BA in Informatics and Telecommunications and a Diploma with honors from SAE Institute in Game Production.

Jiri Vestfal

Software Engineer

A software engineer and machine learning enthusiast with experience in many fields including image and data processing, evolutionary algorithms and low-level protocols.

Lokman Rahmani

Senior Software Engineer

Software engineer interested in designing and building software systems. MSc Eng in Computer Science, specializing in systems, networking, cryptography, and security. He has R&D experience developing middlewares for large data distribution, processing, and storage in HPC systems.

Emma Smith

Machine Learning Engineer

Experienced software engineer with a history of working in the research industry. Skilled in Python, C++, data science and machine learning. Strong engineering professional with an MSc in Physics from the University of Cambridge.

Ian Harris

Senior Software Engineer

A Cloud DevOps Engineer specialising in GCP, with over 25 years experience with Linux. Ian has a passion for open source and an instinct for automation.

Nilam Patel

Dev Ops Engineer

A Junior Devops Engineer with good experience within the IT industry and Qualified Bachelor in Computer Engineering. A highly motivated and passionate about new Technology.

Diarmid Campbell

Senior Software Engineer

Senior engineer and technical manager with 20 years of experience. In 2000, he led the game programming team on the worldwide best selling title, The Thing. He then moved to Sony where he built a research group developing computer vision algorithms, which formed the basis of a number of successful augmented reality PlayStation games.

Marco Favorito

Machine Learning Engineer

MSc Eng in Computer Science from Sapienza University of Rome, where he worked on a thesis in Reinforcement Learning. Software Engineer with solid programming skills, he's working on the OEF.

Ali Hosseini

Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Expert on Multi-Agent Systems and logical modelling with a background in software engineering. PhD and MSc in Artificial Intelligence from King's College London with excellent academic track record and publications in AI conferences and journals.

David Minarsch

Lead Economist

Researcher and entrepreneur, combining game theory expertise with engineering and product experience in machine learning and blockchain. He has a PhD in Economics/Applied Game Theory from Cambridge University and startup-founding experience through Entrepreneur First.

Jia Liu

Senior Cryptography Engineer

Expert in applied cryptography and formal methods. She has a PhD in computer science and has conducted research on design of security protocols and cryptographic primitives, and formal verification of security properties.

Matt McDonnell

Senior Research Engineer

An experienced researcher with a background in physics, finance, and fashion as a technical consultant, quantitative developer and analyst, and data scientist. DPhil studies in the Ion Trap Quantum Computing group at the University of Oxford.

James Riehl

Multi-Agent Systems Engineer

Expert in multi-agent systems and game theory, with a PhD in control systems engineering and a wealth of experience solving challenging problems, both in theory and practice.

Kevin Racaza

Graphic designer

Graphic design graduate from Cambridge School of Art. He has experience in numerous exciting projects ranging from magazine publications, medical research and videography for leading pharmaceutical companies across Europe.

Iveta Tupa

Marketing and Content Executive

A marketing and social media manager, passionate about fostering engaging communities and creating insightful content. Since graduating from QMU in Edinburgh, she has worked on a range of campaigns and marketing projects for local and international clients.

Lisa Condon

HR Generalist

A HR generalist with extensive experience within the retail and tech sector after working for River Island and Nokia Technologies. A highly motivated problem solver and a passionate people person.

Gary Wood

Head of IT

A multi-talented IT Manager with over 15 years experience. Well-versed at supporting fast moving, dynamic development teams. Previously designed, implemented and managed an onsite data-centre running a massively multi-player online game for the BBC.

Jonathan Winch

Support Manager

Enthusiastic problem solver with more than 10 years’ experience of Systems Administration, assisting development teams in dynamic environments. Jonathan has supported and maintained Cloud Systems and related infrastructure.

Bart Centlewski

DevOps/Senior IT Engineer

A Linux engineer with nearly 10 years’ experience working in IT across a variety of industries. Bart has a BSc in Information Systems Management from the University of Central Lancashire.


Alexandra Brintrup

University of Cambridge

Lecturer in Digital Manufacturing at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. She leads the Manufacturing Analytics Research Group at Cambridge and advises to the All Party Parliamentary Groups in AI and Data Analytics. Her research explores the use of AI, in particular Agent Based Systems and Machine Learning, in Supply Chains.

Michael Wooldridge

University of Oxford

​Head of Department and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. Recipient of the ACM Autonomous Agents Research Award. Former President of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI).

Anisoara Calinescu

University of Oxford

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford. Researcher in complex systems, agent-based modelling, financial markets, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and supply chains.

Kash Iftikhar


​Kash Iftikhar is Vice President of product, strategy & GTM for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He previously worked at PLUMgrid, a software defined networking start-up which was acquired by VMware. He has also held executive management positions at Force10 Networks and Cisco.

Melvyn Weeks

University of Cambridge

Assistant Professor in Economics at University of Cambridge, researching the application of Machine Learning to market pricing. Senior Economic Advisor to Ofgem, UK’s Energy regulator.

Abe Ulusal

Mitsui Bussan Commodities Limited

Abe Ulusal is an executive director at Mitsui Bussan Commodities Limited and the former chairman of the London Metal Exchange Steel Committee.

Philip Price

Ferrometrics LLC

​Phillip Price is deputy chairman of the London Metal Exchange Steel Trading Committee and is a founding partner of Ferrometrics LLC, a company that specialises in developing liquidity in nascent derivatives markets.

Jonathan Fish

Commodity Advisor

Jonathan Fish has spent his career in the commodities sector. He began at EDF Trading, before spending nine years managing risk positions for Goldman Sachs. In 2015 he co-founded the highly successful coal trading house Javelin Commodities Trading.

Jamie Burke

Outlier Ventures

Founder and CEO of Outlier Ventures, Jamie has cultivated a powerful ecosystem of corporate partners, investors and government agencies to help companies scale. He also advocates for the professionalisation of the industry through international media.

Steve Grand

AI Specialist

An inventor of complex autonomous agents for nearly 40 years, creator of the Creatures artificial life games and proud father to a small robot now in the Science Museum, Steve has held research fellowships in artificial life, psychology, biomimetics and creative technologies. He received a D.Univ from the OU and was made an OBE in 2000 for Services to Computing.

Niall Armes


Armes is a world-leading biochemist, molecular biologist and entrepreneur. He received his PhD from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London for work on comparative genome structure. He subsequently founded TwistDx, serving as CSO and CEO prior to the company’s acquisition.