Agent Framework 0.10.0 released

Feb 12, 2021

Agent Framework 0.10.0 released!

And it’s a good one: the journey to release 1.0 continues. This release tidies up a great deal of things, fixing some bugs, adding tests and making many documentation tweaks as a result of the excellent feedback we’re receiving from those using it.

Some key things worth highlighting:

  • Some key things worth highlighting:
  • Full CosmWasm support for mainnet v2 and work on inventivised testnets.
  • Improved the ease of upgrading from one version to another
  • Considerable documentation improvements
  • Connection package development is made simpler through an additional base class for wrapping synchronous APIs
  • Protocol cross-language interoperability is improved through separation of protocol spec identifier from Python protocol identifier
  • `MultiAgentManager` has been refactored to automate more of the agent instance’s data management
  • Various fixes, including MacOS install script
  • Adds Yoti protocol and connection! (

You can see more detail here

And get it from PyPI here

And read the docs here

Please also note that the ledger documentation has been updated to provide you with more information on validator operation in mainnet V2. See here

In addition, the SOEF has been updated to 0.3.9 adding case insensitive searching of personality pieces, some additional defensive programming around some data conversion operations and other tweaks relating to containerisation.

SOEF will auto-update to 0.3.10 later today adding a new genus of `thing` to represent physical objects not covered by other genuses.