Agent Framework 0.10.1 released

Feb 22, 2021

Hot on the tail of 0.10.0, we’re super pleased to announce the 0.10.1 point release. We’ve been super busy making improvements, fixing bugs and generally making your agent BUIDLing experience easier and better. Some key changes are:

  • soef communications now all over https: for security and privacy
  • Improvements to how we manage libp2p to increase ACN stability (the agent-to-agent peer-to-peer network)
  • Improvements to MultiAgentManager, including auto-generation of private keys and address getters now exposed
  • Added support for AEA usage without connections
  • Added support for multi-language protocol stub generation (
  • We’ve simplified the default DecisionMakerHandler and extracted advanced features into a separate class (
  • Multiple improvements to the documentation as a result of user feedback

For more detail, you can read the full release notes here. You can get the release from PyPI, and read the updated docs.

Spoiler alert for the next release: 0.11.0 is due within the next 10 days and it adds, amongst many other things, two awesome featuresskill-to-skill messaging and plugins support! Plugins start with crypto functionality, but can be used to extend framework functionality in many other ways. Amongst many wonderful things, it’ll lead to a reduction of core framework dependencies by up to two thirds. Your agents will soon be so lightweight you’ll have to tie them down.

Now, let’s BUIDL!