Agent Framework 0.7.5 Released

Nov 25, 2020

Our commitment to delivering regular updates to the agent framework so that you can build your agents faster and easier continues with today’s release.

Release Notes

This release delivers the following:

  • Adds AW3 AEAs
  • Adds basic oracle skills and contracts
  • Replaces usage of Ropsten testnet with Ganache in packages
  • Fixes multiplexer setup when used outside AEA
  • Improves help command output of CLI
  • Adds integration tests for simple skills
  • Adds version check on CLI push
  • Adds integration tests for trading agent competition negotiation skills
  • Multiple documentation updates based on user feedback
  • Multiple additional tests and test stability fixes

To get the latest version of the Agent Framework for most users, type this from the command line: pip3 install — upgrade ‘aea[all]’

Then upgrade your agents by going into their folder’s root and typing: aea upgrade

There are no breaking changes in this release, so updates should be painless. Please advise us if you run into any issues.


As usual, you can see more details and the code here:

And get the latest from PyPI here:

And read the latest documentation here:

ALSO: for those taking part in AW3, remember to read this: and consider setting up your agent more specifically. Your agents are not secret agents, they’re meant to be found. So set their genus to data and their classification to something that explains what they do, e.g., You can also name your agents! There are tokens in AW3 for the best named agents. For more detail on classifications and genuses, you can read the SOEF documentation here: