Agent Framework 0.9.1 released

Jan 14, 2021

We got an update — Agent Framework 0.9.1 is now officially RELEASED and it’s not alone, either, it comes with friends.

0.9.1 is a minor release, but with a major impact: it fixes issues that affect our supply chain agents, and it has a ton of updates to the documentation.

Key things:

  • Fixes multiple issues with MultiAgentManager including overrides not being correctly applied
  • Restructures docs navigation, changes from user feedback and better MultiAgentManager docs
  • Extends functionality of AEA upgrade command to cover more cases
  • Fixes a bug in the AEA upgrade command which prevented upgrading across version minors
  • Fixes a bug in AEA Fetch where the console output was inconsistent with the actual error
  • Fixes scaffold connection constructor
  • Multiple additional tests to improve stability

It’s available now here:

Get it from PyPI

See detailed release notes and code

And the docs are here

Let’s look at Agent Framework’s friends! First up: get your agents to send you emails, or integrate your agents with Google calendar! Now your agents can talk to you, tell you what’s going on. Or, you can manage a scarce resource: a room, a parking space, or limit people in a public space. Now your agent can do the work, but you get a familiar interface and app to view what’s going on.

Get the current versions here:

Email :

And to top this off, we’re releasing a beta version of the web-based SOEF visualiser. Go here:

If you’re a developer you can create your agent, move it, and see it on the explorer.

Finally, if you’re a developer and you have an iPhone running iOS 13.0 or above, we have a mobile native app for the iPhone that lets you explore the agent world. If you’re interested in a beta version, email us at [email protected] with your name, device details and a subject saying you’d like to take part and we’ll add you. It’s a super cool app for those building agents.

As always: feedback on anything is always welcome. If you have thoughts on improving our documentation, or other things that would make your agent-building life easier, do let us know on Discord or elsewhere.

Get BUIDLing!

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