Agent Framework version 0.7.3 release

Nov 13, 2020

The Agent Framework continues to age like a fine wine, and with more and more people using it (particularly now with the incentivised testnet running: get involved at, we’ve had the opportunity to make some adjustments to make all agent developer’s lives easier.

Release Notes

In particular the release:

  • Extends the AW incentivised testnet AEAs
  • Fixes an issue with overwriting of private key files on startup
  • Fixes some behaviour bugs that some users were experiencing
  • Adds a guide to help setup development (
  • Fixed an issue with mixed mode in upgrade command
  • Tidied up the presentation of some CLI commands
  • Many changes to the documentation as a result of user feedback
  • Added other additional tests and improved others

And super cool is this one: Improved exception logging for easier debugging.This is a major improvement for all developers, as you get a precise error location when things don’t go quite the way they were meant to go!We’re reacting fast right now: we’re wanting to make your agent development experience as wonderful as it can possibly be, so please do get involved, and share your experience with us.


You can read more here: it from PyPI here: the updated docs here: https://docs.fetch.aiJoin us on Discord to interact directly with us and let’s see the growing population of AEAs all over the world continue to grow: