Agent Framework version 0.7.4 release

Nov 18, 2020

Agent Framework 0.7.4 has been released. Or, Agent “farm-work”, as autocorrect attempted to suggest from my misspelling. But there’s no crops or animals in this release, indeed, bugs have been removed, not added. This is mostly a maintenance and preparation release for the upcoming 0.8 release and it takes into account some of the amazing feedback we’ve had with people building agents as part of the incentivised testnet.

Release Notes

In particular:

  • We’ve added support for profiling on `aea run`. This means you can figure out where the time is going, and how you can optimise or otherwise improve your agents.
  • Added support for PEP561! ( This means if you’re using MyPy (for static typing) then everything is properly inferred. This is pretty neat if it applies to you!
  • Lots of updates to the documentation as a result of feedback from developers.
  • Switched usage of Ropsten testnet with Ganache
  • We’ve added support for persistence between runs for MultiAgentManager: depending on your deployment, this could be _super_ useful!
  • Added support for storage of the SOEF unique page address. This gives you the option to talk to the SOEF directly, should you need to, but also to store and recover this between runs.
  • Multiple stability improvements to core async modules. We’re getting closer and closer to this being absolutely rock solid, which it will be before 1.0.0.
  • We replaced skill error handler with a built in one, which avoids a scenario where your agent could be spammed by others — a good reason to upgrade to this version.
  • A ton of bug fixes, including a `publish` command issue under Windows.


As usual, you can get the full details here:

And get the latest version from PyPI here:

And the docs are here:

You may also find the upgrade guide useful:

Finally, we have a massive update to the SOEF (agent search and discovery) coming in the next week that introduces directional searches, genus for financial services and many, many more fantastic features.

Join us on Discord to interact directly with us and let’s see the growing population of AEAs all over the world continue to grow!