Announcing the Andromeda Stake Migration Test-Net

Jul 13, 2021

We’re delighted to announce the launch of’s Andromeda stake migration program, which will begin on the 12th of July. The Andromeda test-net will allow developers, validators and holders of the FET token to test the upgrade of the network to the Stargate version of the Cosmos-SDK. When completed, the mainnet migration will allow us to bring our agent-based DeFi technologies to Cosmos’ interchain ecosystem and beyond.

From Friday the 16th of July, holders of stake in’s current Ethereum staking program will have an opportunity to access test-FET tokens on the Andromeda test-net to check that their wallet software and hardware works correctly for the planned stake migration. We’ll be releasing instructions for accessing these test-FET on Tuesday the 13th of July and the network will be running for several weeks so you will have plenty of time to become familiar with the stake migration and new wallet software.

We call on all validators currently supporting our mainnet to follow the instructions here to join the pre-migration network (with the chain identifier fetchhubtest-1). Validators who join will also be asked to participate in the upgrade of the network taking place on the 15th of July. It is planned that the network will be stopped at around 14:00 UTC with the relaunch completed by around 14:00 UTC on the following day. Validators who help with the upgrade and contribute towards our know-you-validator program, will be eligible for future delegations from the foundation.

Following the upgrade, the Andromeda test-net will also be used to test the performance of the network and to trial novel applications of’s collective learning technology. This will give validators an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to operate high-availability infrastructure and to gain experience with new business models enabled by’s decentralized AI protocols.

Key dates for the Andromeda test-net are:

July 9–15th Initiation of launchpad network with on-boarding of mainnet validators.

July 13th Release of browser extension wallet for Stargate network

July 15th-16th Upgrade of launchpad network to Stargate version of Cosmos-SDK.

July 16th-27th Wallet on-boarding and user testing of stake migration.

July 19th-23rd Testing of collective learning applications on test-net.

These preparations will ensure that everyone involved in the ecosystem is prepared for the mainnet upgrade taking place on the 29th of July. We’re excited about this next phase of development of the and are looking forward to providing many more opportunities for our token holders to get involved in the future of the protocol.