We are developing a series of applications that will enhance and optimize solutions to everyday problems through intelligent data sharing, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Our technology has the potential to revolutionize a multitude of industries and the time is now.

Open Economic Framework - search and discovery in the agent world

Simple Open Economic Framework (SOEF)


The Simple Open Economic Framework, or SOEF, is the latest version of’s search and discovery system for agents. Agents can describe what they look like, and what they do and find, or be found, by other agents. They can search semantically and/or geographically, specifying the things that are important to them.

Discover the world of agents


The SOEF is easy to use and have developed two demonstration apps to view its digital world, one iOS app and a website. These are wonderful tools for developers: create an agent, and see it appear in the Fetch metaverse.



If you’d like to help us test the iOS app, get in touch to sign up at [email protected]

Greater visibility than ever before


In the coming months, the SOEF will become truly decentralised: with multiple nodes placed across the globe, specialising in different areas or subjects. It’ll be a true digital environment for agents to navigate, explore and exist in and anyone will be able to run a node. Check out the video. 

Autonomous AI Travel Agents

Personalized, privacy focused Travel Agents


The promise of the network is that a decentralized, multi-agent based system will be able to provide a new, personalized, privacy focused travel solution and change the way we view and work with the hotel and travel industry. has built an applications framework to enable hotel operators to deploy Autonomous AI Travel Agents to market, negotiate and trade their inventory on the network, and receive payments in fiat or crypto, powered by the FET token.

Enrol in our program and build your own Travel Agent 


A pilot program is ongoing building “Autonomous AI Travel Agents” that work on behalf of people and hotels to book direct. 


We have delivered a functioning proof of concept that can book hotel rooms. Code base and application toolkits will be coming in February 2021.


1-click creation and deployment of agents.

Greater privacy than ever before


The decentralized aspect ensures individuals regain control of their private, sensitive data. Everything that’s important to you does not leave the confines of your smartphone and is not stored on servers by any party, except what is absolutely necessary in order to complete a booking.


The Autonomous AI Travel Agents would reduce the role of centralized aggregators and services, thereby encouraging direct provider-to-consumer interaction and as a result delivering significant cost savings for both hotels and consumers.


Register your interest to help us test the iOS app for autonomous travel agents by emailing us at [email protected].

Decentralized Delivery Agents

Delivering people, pizzas and packages


  • The first part of an overall mobility framework
  • Open source, open protocols, open to all
  • For delivery of everything, from yourself to your food. People, pizzas and packages, or a combination of all!
  • Perfect technology fit: blockchain, AI, ML, cryptographic tech.
  • Created protocols, agents, docs, an explorer, & two native mobile apps!


Real-world tests on-going


Now running field trials: out and about, as Covid-19 permits!

Local knowledge delivered locally: small companies, already regulated, with local knowledge are able to take part without a non-standard app and compete with the global ride-hailing and delivery companies.


Combinable businesses: all forms of delivery can be tightly integrated (food, packages, people, as individual or chained operations).


Users manage, own and store their own data: everything that’s private to you, such as your preferences, your history and your private data are personal to you. They live with your agent, on your mobile device. They don’t live on the cloud, they are not on someone else’s server, they’re yours. Always.


How it works


There are substantial advantages to’s agent-based approach, including:

  • All components are open source: no license needed, no forced subscription model. Download, build, take part.
  • The platform can be used by all mobility providers and services: it’s non discriminatory, it’s free for anyone to engage in.
  • Local money stays local: many aggregators take 20–30% out of the local economy and ship it abroad, the decentralized approach almost entirely solves this.

Get in touch, we want to hear from you to help us run the field trials – email your interest at [email protected].

Agent Registry and Marketplace

Autonomous Economic Agent (AEA) Registry


We have developed a new Autonomous Economic Agent (AEA) registry that will allow you to build agents and participate in this new digital economy far more easily. The aim is to build an effective “App Store” for developers that allows you to access and build agents like never before.


You can access the new front-end registry here:


The new UI was designed to make discovering AEA projects developed by the community, the most effortless and user-friendly experience possible. It allows you to find, download and publish AEA packages including entire agents, skills, connections, protocols and contracts.