Aries: One small step to mainnet

Dec 3, 2019


We are now just a few short weeks away from launching the main network. This release, code-named Aries, is the final update before we unveil the mainnet we have been building since March 2018. It will go live later this month — just as we promised it would in our roadmap back in February.

Exciting new VM features

This update includes enhancements to’s unique virtual machine. For example, we have incorporated Convolution 1D and 2D layers, which are regularly used by machine learning developers for image and audio processing.’s virtual machine is built on a maths library that uses integer mathematics to ensure each equation generates exactly the same result, regardless of which computer around the world is used. Non-developers would assume this to be self-evident. However, differences in software mean that if you were to closely examine the answers far beyond the decimal point, subtle differences would emerge. It is essential in blockchain technology that the numbers are exactly the same. The blockchain must be able to verify each transaction by its unique hash and if the numbers are different in any way, then the answers will have two different hashes and consensus would fail. Aries reinforces this and includes the FixedPoint128 data type, which enables greater range and precision (i.e. a higher number of decimal places). This is hugely beneficial to machine learning developers or those using high precision mathematics on the network as it helps to avoid numerical errors when processing larger batches of data.

As ever, we are working hard to make it as easy as possible for individuals to use the network. Developers will notice the similarities between our Model interface and that of TensorFlow 2. Likewise, Etch, our unique smart contract language, is more straightforward to use than ever before. Only minimal prior knowledge about the language is required, enabling you to start building on the network immediately with the help of new tutorials and guides.

Bounty program

Thanks to your input, we have fixed a number of bugs in our Ara ledger release. We would really appreciate your help to review Aries. Don’t forget, as part of our Technical Bounty program, we are awarding up to $10,000 for critical issues reported in our GitHub ledger repository.

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