15. February, 2019

Announcing the details of the Fetch.AI token sale

We’ve come a long way since the original idea for Fetch.AI was discussed by our founders over dinner one evening back in 2016. The core of Humayun, Toby and Thomas’ idea was simple: let’s enable any person that wants something, to trade with the person who has it. The twist that continues to make Fetch.AI unique is the fact we’re developing the infrastructure and framework for machines to do that trading, autonomously, on our behalf.

Who has the time to sift through hundreds of apps and websites? Wouldn’t it be better to receive a set of choices that are truly personal to you? Artificial intelligence and distributed ledgers, combined with some clever engineering, make this possible.

Fetch.AI Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) are now actively being designed and implemented for Clustermarket and GE Healthcare, as well as several other partners in the transport and energy sectors which we haven’t yet announced.

The 100,000+ lines of C++ code that make up our Smart Ledger are available on GitHub for all to see and we will soon be making our private GitHub repository public too. Our large private test-network is performing extremely well and we will be publishing the results of benchmark tests that confirm its high performance capability. Fetch.AI is far more than an idea now, it’s beginning to live and breathe.

Fetch.AI provides the world’s first decentralised infrastructure for digital representatives (AEAs) to find, communicate and trade with each other, free from human intervention.

For businesses, our new approach means virtually any networked machine or real-world asset, such as a hotel room or hospital bed, can now be represented by an autonomous agent so they can manage their own affairs (e.g. autonomous booking, pricing, location and administration). This type of infrastructure enables new marketplaces to evolve and flourish without the need for market makers.

For users, an autonomous agent can deliver improved solutions far more conveniently. Agents live on a smartphone continuously learning the needs of the user based on decisions the human takes and by accessing data from calendars, email and many other systems to enable highly personalised experiences. The data needed to inform this step-change in personalisation and automation remains sovereign to the user, informing the agent but without the need for the agent to reveal the underlying data to third-parties. Privacy really matters to us.

To fully realise our vision, we’re pleased to announce the details of our upcoming public token sale. Fetch.AI is a tokenised system and we welcome a wide distribution of Fetch.AI tokens to supporters that share our vision of a more seamless world, where machines are intelligent enough to do the work for us.

Our public sale is being held exclusively on Binance Launchpad, the token sale platform of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. You must be registered and have passed KYC with Binance in order to contribute.

The token sale will be taking place at on Monday 25 February at 14:00 UTC.

Listed below are the tokenmetrics for the Fetch.AI public token sale with Binance Launchpad:

  • Hardcap for Binance Launchpad public sale: 6,000,000 USD
  • Token price: 0.0867 USD
  • Maximum individual contribution limit: 3,000 USD
  • Minimum individual contribution limit: 20 USD
  • Total supply: 1,152,997,575
  • Supply available during public sale: 69,179,855 (6% of total)

If you are interested in contributing, please visit Binance Launchpad for more details. Please also review our whitepaper and blue paper for a full understanding of Fetch.AI and token metrics.

The money raised will be used to accelerate our technical development, add to our already strong team of talented AI, machine learning and blockchain developers and help us pursue further corporate partnerships.


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