How can Digital Twins Help Nomads?!

August 02, 2022/2 minutes reading

Imagine you have a Twin, a digital one - that understands you better than anyone and makes decisions for you. A Twin that is under your control and helps you save time and money by picking the right decisions just the way you would. Now, bringing this innovative technology to a remote worker who is passionate about travel and is always on the go, provides many benefits.

What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is a digital version of a real world person or business that helps you search and discover through a digital ecosystem. Helping your real world self do what matters to you in your work and life.

A artist's vision of a digital twin

Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Decision Making

The process of picking the right co-working space, the best sandwich spot and many other activities are usually a hit or miss or all based on some posts we’ve seen online. As these decisions take a great amount of a digital nomad’s time, the Digital Twins are the solution that fits you the most. Your Twin will learn what you like and as a result will show you the options that match your taste and lifestyle the most.

Digital Nomads connecting Peer-To-Peer

Everytime we book something through an app, or we try to connect with someone digitally, the platform or the app we use is the one that enables us to do so and takes a percentage from any transaction you do online. Digital Twins can provide digital nomads an online experience where there is no middle man. You connect directly with the business or individual without the limitations of the middle man.

A digital nomad working with his peer to peer network

Remote Privacy: Own Your Data

The remote work and travel lifestyle requires digital nomads to use multiple applications whether it is for plane tickets, hotel booking, car rental, etc. This allows the platform owners to exploit their data for profit. The Digital Twin technology comes in hand because the ownership of the data belongs to the nomad. By owning your data, you can make money or keep everything to yourself or use your own data to minimize the time you spend on unnecessary things. In other words, you owning your data means you are completely free on what you want to do with it compared to right now the platforms that exploit everyone’s data are free to do so and are profiting billions off of it.

Digital Twins: A Tool For a New Age

With a complex digital nomad way of living, there are many dimensions of life where we could use a Twin that understands us and helps us minimize the time and effort we put on so many decisions. While helping us make those decisions, Digital Twins ensure the data is ours and we are the sole proprietors of our own Twin and data.