28. September, 2018

Fetch.AI attend Cambridge Wireless Technology and Engineering Conference

We were pleased to sponsor yesterday’s technology and engineering conference at Cambridge Wireless and have the opportunity to present our vision to industry leaders.

Our Commercialisation and Marketing Director Arthur Meadows spoke at the conference and began by outlining how the infrastructure across society could be drastically improved if data was communicated and shared more widely using artificial intelligence. Arthur described how we like to regard the Fetch network as the ultimate dating agency for value providers, connecting people who have data with those that seek it.  To illustrate this, Arthur used the example of a neighbour with an energy surplus. Using our Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs), he or she would be able to sell their excess energy to their neighbour.

AEAs allow data, for the first time, to sell itself. As a result, a huge quantity of data that is currently considered to be out of reach, due to the difficulty or price of obtaining it, suddenly becomes available and can help inform the decisions of everyone on the network. For example, information reflecting cars’ braking behaviour and average speeds could be traded in real-time on the Fetch network.

Arthur also explained the decision to use a token on the network. We believe this is a core aspect of Fetch’s digital world as individuals must be incentivised to share their data in order for everyone to benefit from the combined knowledge the data generates.


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