6. September, 2019

Fetch.AI – Community Newsletter (2-6 September)


Here is Fetch.AI’s community newsletter for the week commencing 2 September. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter.

Highlight of the week

New technology release: Aquarius 🌟

This week we reached our latest milestone as we count down towards the launch of our mainnet at the end of the year.

Aquarius enhances the network’s long-term stability and includes a number of improvements to our smart contract language Etch, which now supports hundreds of languages and even emojis 🗣️🌍

Find out what else is featured in the update here, or read the technical update on GitHub.

Upcoming events

Xride Launch (11 September, Bonn, Germany)
Fetch.AI will be attending the launch of Xride: a first-of-its-kind, blockchain-based e-mobility ecosystem pilot 🛵

T-Labs’ blockchain scooter will be showcasing the benefits of decentralized technology

Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) and its ecosystem partners (including Fetch.AI) are developing an open urban mobility ecosystem that runs entirely on decentralized technologies. The event will demonstrate how this future mobility ecosystem enables self-sovereign identity, token payments, trusted data verification and more. Find out more.

OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum 2019 (12–13 September, Paris, France)
We are participating with our Blockchain for Europe partners at a forum hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The forum will explore how the creation of an appropriate global regulatory environment will allow widespread adoption of blockchain technology to occur.

Blockchain for Europe travels to the Baltics (16–18 September)
As a founding member of Blockchain for Europe, Fetch.AI are attending a series of events in the Baltic region. On consecutive days, we will be visiting regulators and blockchain community leaders in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania.

Tech Dives: Do Blockchain & AI work together? (17 September, London, UK)
CTO Toby Simpson will be speaking at the conference to explain how, by combining blockchain and AI technology, the Fetch.AI network unleashes a new world of decentralized possibilities. Sign up now to learn more.

Community news

Fetch.AI’s next AMA announced
Co-founder and chief executive Humayun Sheikh will be answering your questions on Coin98’s Facebook page.

📅 Tune in at 1pm UTC on Tuesday 10 September to submit your questions live. The five best questions will each win 250 FET tokens.

The Fetch.AI technical bounty program
Help us improve the reliability and performance of our technology by finding and reporting technical issues and be awarded FET 💰


🔍 Find a technical issue in the Fetch.AI’s GitHub ledger repository

📫 Report it as an issue on GitHub

🛠️ Additional award for a fix

Award structure

  • Critical: $10,000 in FET
  • Major: $6,000 in FET
  • Medium: $2,500 in FET
  • Low: $800 in FET

More bounties are coming soon involving autonomous agents, mobile applications and much more — watch this space!

Join our developer Slack channel and find information on our bounties and hackathons on our Community website

  • Developed an example demonstrating distributed training of word2vec
  • Evaluated and improved the performance of our consensus model, specifically the random beacon
  • Enhanced the features of our Synergetic Contracts
  • Continued improving our transaction synchronization protocol


This week, excluding merges, 9 authors have pushed 25 commits to the main branch and 34 commits to all branches.

On the main branch, 126 files have changed and there have been 4,277 additions and 1,631 deletions. See all updates.

Thanks for reading our update. Join the conversation with the rest of our community on Telegram.

We hope you have a great weekend.


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