12. July, 2019

Fetch.AI — Community Newsletter (8–12 July)


Here is Fetch.AI’s community newsletter for the week commencing 8 July. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter.

Highlight of the week

Fetch.AI Technical Bounty Program now open 🏁

Help us improve the reliability and performance of our technology by finding and reporting technical issues and be awarded FET 💰


🔍 Find a technical issue in the Fetch.AI’s GitHub ledger repository

📫 Report it as a GitHub issue

🛠️ Additional award for fix

Award structure

○ Critical: $10,000 in FET
○ Major: $6,000 in FET
○ Medium: $2,500 in FET
○ Low: $800 in FET

More bounties coming soon involving autonomous agents, mobile applications and much more that everyone can take part in!

Develop a ride-sharing synergetic contract using Fetch.AI technology. Over 100,000 FET tokens available in prizes.

Carpooling is great for your pocket and the environment, so it’s no surprise that ride-sharing apps like UberPool™ are so popular. To connect riders with drivers and process payments, apps charge a substantial fee. Fetch.AI’s synergetic computing technology provides the infrastructure to deliver this service without the middleman, returning power and profit to the individual.

We want you to build a ride-sharing service using our synergetic contracts and agents. With a prize pool of over 100,000 FET, we’re offering substantial rewards:

🥇 First prize: 50,000 FET
🥈 Second prize: 30,000 FET
🥉 Third prize: 20,000 FET

1,000 FET will be awarded to everyone who completes the project and delivers a working solution. Access resources and submit your application by the 31 August here.

👉 Register your interest by joining the conversation in our developer Slack channel.

Upcoming events

Join us in our Cambridge office next week on 17 July to design the best trading agent and win a share of 10,000 FET tokens 🏆

Are you a seasoned software developer? Maybe you’re passionate about economics or multi-agent systems? There is still time to register for one of our limited spaces.

Support during the competition will be available from experts in the Fetch.AI team and guest judge Ani Calinescu, AI and machine learning expert from the University of Oxford.

👉 Don’t miss out register now to secure your spot.

We are in Seoul next week with a packed and exciting meeting schedule, and not one, but TWO meetups. An exclusive Fetch.AI event on the 16 July and on the 17 July we join our friends at Binance. We’re excited to engage with our supporters in the South Korean community 🎉

👉 Want to know more? Check out these articles from The Nodist and News Works.

Technology update

  • Built an internal proof-of-concept for price prediction running in a smart contract
  • This forms the building block that enables autonomous market making

This week, excluding merges, authors have pushed 25 commits to the main branch and 25 commits to all branches.

On the main branch, 500 files have changed and there have been 9,258additions and 12,793 deletionsSee all updates.

Community news

Fetch.AI co-founder and CTO Toby Simpson gave an update in a YouTube AMA on all of our latest news including our newly launched bounty program and our Synergetic Contract Hackathon.

Many thanks to everyone in our community who submitted questions and congratulations to the top 10 we chose who each received 100 FET for their brilliant questions 💸

If you’re curious to know the answers to the following then check out our full AMA below:

○ What does Universal Integration Protocol really mean?
○ What is the biggest change Fetch.AI will make to our lives?
○ What was the inspiration behind My Easy Charge?
○ Can Fetch.AI autonomous agents be used for trading?

Thank you to everyone who took part in our giveaway to help spread the word about the #PinkCareToken initiative. $500 in FET tokens will be shared between the 10 lucky winners, find out if you won.

Donate now to help one million young women live with dignity, together we can help end #PeriodPoverty 💛

Welcome to all our new community members who found Fetch.AI through our airdrop. We are so happy to see our community grow with over 16,000 people on Twitter and 19,000 on Telegram 🌱

Thanks for reading our update. Join the conversation with the rest of our community on Telegram.


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