26. February, 2019

Fetch.AI needs you! Build and use agents on our test network

By-invite test network is live: come and build with us!

Today marks an important milestone for our project as we open up our test network to the community. This means if you’re a developer you can begin building autonomous agents for a variety of uses. If you’re non-technical (but curious) you can begin using basic agents we’ve pre-built with our Network Participation App (NPA).

So how will it work for developers?

Now the network has been thoroughly tested internally we’ve arrived at a place where we welcome third-party developers to build experimental autonomous agents on Fetch.AI.

Our team has developed a series of SDKs in C++, JavaScript, Python and a range of other languages so you can easily create agents. This might be agents representing sensors such as weather stations or pretty much any other data source you’d like, so they can monetise and share the sensor data. Or you might build an agent that does clever things with the data it can acquire from others.

We have launched a ‘buyer agent’ on the test network whose job it is to acquire data from newly created agents in exchange for test tokens* (this is still a testnet, albeit a highly functional one). More broadly, your agents will be able to use our Open Economic Framework (OEF) to find other agents they can negotiate and trade with.

Interested developers simply need to go through a quick validation process via our newly created community website. The validation process confirms that you are a current holder of FET ERC-20 tokens by authenticating you against the blockchain. The key steps are:

  1. Sign in to our community site using a Github or Google account
  2. Go to the testnet page and fill in a form which includes the ERC-20 validation (you prove you have FET ERC-20 tokens by signing a message)
  3. There is then a QR code on-screen which you scan into the Fetch.AI Test Wallet or Network Participation App. Voila!

What about the rest of us?

You don’t need to be technical to engage with our test network. We’re releasing our Network Participation App (NPA) in Android and iOS which means you can deploy basic agents on your mobile device.

Simply download the NPA and you’ll be able to drag and drop a range of basic ingredients into your new agent, press a button and away it goes representing those ingredients on the Fetch.AI network. Once you’ve done this, data from your phone will be made available to agents on the test network. This data includes your current activity (walking, running or stationary), your location, direction and speed, whether your device is in use or not and information about your battery. You are totally in control of all of this: you can choose the accuracy, the frequency data is released by the agent and much, much more.

Huge amounts of relevant data is currently inaccessible and Fetch.AI gives users an economic incentive to share this information. You can then watch your agents collect test tokens and then transfer their successful earnings to the Fetch.AI Test Network Wallet.

But other blockchain projects don’t have a NPA?

No, they don’t. That’s because Fetch.AI is the only decentralised project enabling autonomous agents. We’re providing the infrastructure to deploy agents who can work together to solve problems far more efficiently than we humans are able to on today’s global network. This makes us unique and it’s why we can provide an NPA for you to see the potential of agents first-hand.  

Why does all this matter?

Today marks the beginning of the utility of the Fetch.AI network. It’s Day 1 in the adoption and experimentation of a new economic internet for machines, which has been made possible by autonomous agents.

We’re also working on your representative agents: agents that know your preferences and are able to solve problems on your behalf. We are building a personal travel agent to show how it can drastically simplify the travel planning and booking process by interacting with real world sources of travel inventory and data. In the meantime, we’re excited to see the innovative ideas the community has for agents on the test network.

*Test tokens operate only on the test network and cannot be transferred outside the Test Wallet. They exist to demonstrate the network’s capabilities.


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