9. October, 2018

Fetch.AI weekly newsletter #009 – Back to the hard graft

Hello from the Fetch.AI offices,

This week we’ve been working hard at ground level to sustain our rate of progress. Last week we spoke at five conferences and next week we’ll be travelling to San Francisco to attend the Crypto Economics and Security Conference.

In order to maintain our momentum, we’ve been augmenting our team again. We’ve recruited Daniel Honerkamp as a machine learning engineer and employed Aristotelis Triantafyllidis as a junior developer. Daniel and Aristotelis will both be dedicating the majority of their time to the development of Fetch Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs).

To highlight the impact AEAs will have on our lives in future, Lead AEA Developer and Head of Community, Josh Croft, has written an article explaining how autonomous agents will enhance your home, making your life simpler and easier. It is an insight into a future, which, thanks to Fetch, is just around the corner.

This week we have had several productive meetings regarding partnerships and collaborations. While we can’t reveal anything yet, we’re excited to announce a couple of significant agreements in the next few weeks. What we can reveal though are our next two meetups. These will be held on 14th November in Berlin and 20th November in London. You can sign up to the London meetup in next week’s newsletter.

Don’t forget, you can still sign up to the whitelisting process and, as ever, you can get in touch with us on TwitterTelegramDiscord, Reddit and Linkedin. We are always happy to hear from our community.

We hope you have a good weekend.

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