24. December, 2018

Fetch.AI weekly newsletter #017 – The year in review

Hello from everyone at Fetch.AI,

In place of our normal weekly newsletter we thought that the fast approaching end to the year would be the perfect opportunity to reflect on our progress since we came out of stealth mode in March. When we began we had a core team of five individuals. Now, we have more than 45 employees, with additional teams working externally overseas.

In March we unveiled our introductory video, revealing for the first time what we have been working on since we formed Fetch in April 2017.

In June, we closed a private sale which raised 23,000 ETH. Since then, we’ve made huge steps forward across the company. We have spoken to investors, journalists, online influencers and an array of industry experts to spread the word about our technology. Here are some of the highlights since then…


We’ve continued to take major strides as we develop our technology. Our achievements include: 

  • Multiple releases of the ledger code (the first in September)
  • Release of the Open Economic Framework (OEF) (December)
  • First release of SDK for agents to connect and negotiate on the OEF (December)
  • Our internal test-net with up to 250 nodes has been operational since September
  • A total of seven patents have been filed
  • Our technical team of AI, machine learning and blockchain experts has grown to more than 35 engineers


Alongside Ripple, NEM and EMURGO/Cardano we recently founded Blockchain for Europe. The association will represent blockchain originating organisations in an attempt to create a unified voice for the blockchain industry at European level.

We are collaborating with Clustermarket, an online sharing platform for scientific equipment and services. They are using hundreds of our autonomous agents to maximise asset utilisation and provide personalised predictions for users and providers. GE Healthcare Life Sciences are also working with us on this platform.

We are proud to be part of the MOBI consortium, collaborating with companies such as BMW, Bosch and Ford. The group is dedicated to exploring the opportunities of applying blockchain technology for the benefit of the mobility industry, consumers and communities.


We have attended more than 40 events and conferences over the past year. We’ve selected three of the biggest:

Re-work’s AI in Finance Summit (New York)
CTO Toby Simpson spoke about harnessing the power of collective predictions using decentralised algorithms. You can read his contribution to the whitepaper from the event.

CogX (London)
Toby and fellow Fetch co-founder Thomas Hain gave a joint technical presentation outlining the various innovations deployed on our network.

The Economist Innovation Summit (London)
At the conference co-founder and chief executive Humayun Sheikh discussed the power of algorithms in artificial intelligence.


We have held meetups all over the world this year, from Chicago and Toronto to London and Berlin. You can watch the recordings of the meetups on our YouTube page. Below are some of the highlights from our most recent meetup in London:


Several commentators from the cryptosphere have been following our progress. We’ve listed three of them below:

Ivan on Tech
Bad Crypto podcast
CryptoKnights podcast


We’ve been in international, national and local press. Some of our favourites are listed here:

Meet Fetch, the AI creation of DeepMind pioneers who refuse to succumb to Google (Telegraph)

New ways to trade data (The Economist)

A glimpse of the future: Getting into the “Economy of Things” through the blockchain (How to Token)

There is even more going on behind the scenes and we are looking forward to revealing lots of exciting news over the coming weeks and months. Thank you for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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