15. January, 2019

Fetch.AI weekly newsletter #018 – An exciting start to a busy year ahead


Hello and Happy New Year from the Fetch.AI team.

2019 will be a big year for Fetch. We’ve started the New Year with a bang with the announcement that we have been selected by Binance to be one of the first two projects (along with BitTorrent) to hold a token sale this year on Binance Launchpad, the exchange’s exclusive token sale platform. The details of the sale are still being finalised, but further information is available here.

We are also making good progress in terms of our technical development. Here are the milestones we are working towards this year: 

End of February 2019: Development release

Access to the test network will be extended by invite and there will be beta applications for network participation and wallets.

End of April 2019: Public test-network

The full public test-network will be open to all, with the first version of our smart contracts and custom Virtual Machine (VM) language. The Open Economic Framework (OEF) will have extended functionality – the initial version of this is available now.

End of June 2019: Consensus, auctions and synergetic computing

This release will focus on consensus alongside an improved OEF, plus ledger-based, native multi-party, multi-dependency auctions alongside enhanced decentralised ledger computing. See our article on Synergetic Smart Contracts.

End of July 2019: Alpha test-network

All major features functioning approximately as expected but with some possible defects and performance issues.

End of September 2019: Beta test-network

Effectively complete: all features working as expected, but requiring full-scale operational testing. 

Q4 2019: Main-net release

Initial release of the Fetch main-network powered by the Fetch native token.

We will soon be launching a dedicated developer community website which will host reference guides, tutorials and documentation. In the future we will also be organising a number of hackathons and workshops. We are greatly looking forward to inviting an increasingly large audience into the Fetch network to build agents, smart contracts and more. 

As ever, we’ll be attending a number of industry conferences this year. Here are just a few of the events that are currently in the diary:

Block Davos (Davos, 18-20 January)

Binance Fair (Singapore, 21-22 January)

Bosch Connected World (Berlin, 15-16 May)

It’s going to be an exciting year for Fetch.AI and we are delighted to have you with us on this journey.


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