29. January, 2019

Fetch.AI weekly newsletter #020 – Sharing ideas in Singapore

Hello from the Fetch.AI team,

The week began with two of our co-founders, CTO Toby Simpson and CEO Humayun Sheikh, in Singapore at the Binance Conference. Toby featured on a panel addressing privacy and security in blockchain technology and afterwards he and Humayun enjoyed exchanging ideas with other industry leaders including Binance chief executive Changpeng Zhao.

Humayun Sheikh, Changpeng Zhao and Toby Simpson enjoying Binance Blockchain Week

As one of the first two projects to feature on the Binance Launchpad this year, we’ve been busying finalising details ahead of the token sale and we look forward to announcing more exciting news on this topic as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we have added another member to our team. Dr Niall Armes has joined us as an advisor. Dr Armes is a world-leading biochemist, molecular biologist and entrepreneur.

The technical expertise of our existing team has also been recognised this week. In addition to his ongoing work at Fetch, our lead cryptographer, David Galindo, has joined the Frontiers in Blockchain journal as review editor for its Fourth Industrial Revolution section. Furthermore, David has joined the scientific programme committee of this year’s European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS), which will be held in Luxembourg from 23-25 September.

This week we’ve published an update to our networking protocol. It discusses the trust model of the Fetch network and another post will explain this in more detail soon. Until then, you can also enjoy an article by Toby Simpson that was published this week in Intelligent Transport. It outlines the revolutionary impact smart contracts and other emerging technologies will have on the mobility industry.

Yesterday, Fetch attended the January plenary meeting of the Blockchain for Europe association that we founded in December alongside EMURGO/Cardano, NEM and Ripple. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss our plans for the year ahead and coordinate our forthcoming activities. We look forward to revealing the details of these in due course.

Representatives from Cardano, Fetch, NEM and Ripple meet up in London


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