19. February, 2019

Fetch.AI weekly newsletter #023 – The news you have been waiting for…

Hello from everyone at Fetch.AI,

Yesterday, we announced the full details of our upcoming token sale on 25 February on Binance Launchpad

If you would like to participate in the sale, please create an account on the Binance website and complete the KYC verification checks. You can find out all of the latest details by going to our project page on the Binance Launchpad website.

As ever, it is important to remain vigilant to protect yourself from scams. You can learn more about how to do this by reading our blog post about security.

This week we also unveiled our Virtual Machine. This is the result of many hours of hard work by our team of engineers and it has been built from scratch to enable the deployment of smart contracts. You can learn more about the VM by watching this interview with head of software engineering Troels Rønnow:

To gain an in depth understanding of the design of our Virtual Machine, please read our accompanying Medium post

In addition, this week we published an article on the potential for hyper-personalisation in the travel industry. We discussed how our Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) would help save individuals time and money when planning a trip. What’s not to like?

On Thursday, head of research Jonathan Ward and lead research scientist Marcin Abram were invited to speak at the Institute for Cosmology at the University of Cambridge. With a nod to Valentine’s Day, they gave a presentation entitled ‘Learning when to love thy neighbour in blockchain communication networks’.

Marcin Abram explains how the Fetch.AI network calculates who is a ‘good’ or or ‘bad’ neighbour based on a reputation system.

It’s a hugely exciting time for us as we approach the token sale. We are really enjoying the opportunity to share our ideas with the community as we continue to make giant strides forward with every passing week.


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