30. January, 2019

Fetch.AI’s smart contract passes Hosho audit

Smart contracts are widely considered to be a wonderful innovation, but it’s vital they work as intended.

Some companies have previously suffered problems with their smart contracts due to vulnerabilities within their network or because they were incorrectly coded.

At Fetch.AI, we’re taking every aspect of our technological development extremely seriously. We partnered with Hosho, a leading blockchain security firm who have audited our smart contract. Hosho has reviewed more than 100 smart contracts and maintains significant knowledge of all known Solidity smart contract vulnerabilities.

Hosho were able to test 100% of the Fetch.AI smart contract code, which is higher than the industry average of 95% typical to most smart contracts. The Fetch.AI smart contract successfully passed a wide range of tests using the Meadow testing framework. We’re pleased to report that no issues or vulnerabilities were found during Hosho’s assessment and the contract has now formally passed Hosho’s audit.

You can review Hosho’s audit report in full here.

We hope this information is helpful for the community ahead of our upcoming token sale on Binance Launchpad.


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