Fetch.ai App Launch

July 12, 2022/1 minute reading

As a digital nomad or someone working remotely, finding a city that provides the ideal working environment and a friendly place to meet new people and explore new experiences is your lifeblood. Yet, with an ever-growing list of choices, it can be hard to find, plan and book experiences which are right for you and your friends.

A digital nomad hard at work.

Fetch.ai solves this by providing personalized experiences through intelligent automation, which continuously learns about your preferences as you use the app. Our network enables direct coordination between you, businesses and your friends to find experiences that are best for you. Our aim is to enable a digital twin, that you own, to personalize and streamline real-time decisions for you; saving you time and money so you can do more of what matters to you.

For businesses, the app aims to drive value to small-scale, local businesses. By championing businesses committed to local and sustainable practices, we aim to connect like-minded consumers who value an authentic and local experience.

A bar fully stocked and ready for business.

With the Fetch.ai app, users have the unique ability to capture moments or experiences, such as taking a photo, video or voice note associated with tasks and locations. Users can share these memories via social channels or review them within the app. Sharing these experiences helps your twin improve its ability to coordinate activities on your behalf in the future.

You can also design custom quests for your twin to share with friends or other nomads so that they can join your journey or follow in your footsteps.

A promotional flyer for the new Fetch.ai app launch.

Our generalized nomad quests allow users to provide the essential information every nomad needs in a city such as work-friendly cafes, co-working spaces, co-living, nomad meetups and jobs. Download our app today to join our community of nomads helping each other out and connecting in a new way.

Are you in the US?

If you’re currently living in Austin, Texas or the US the Fetch.ai app is available for download.

Outside the US?

Register your interest with Fetch.ai and we'll let you know once we're in your area.