31. July, 2018

Nokia Bell Labs blockchain engineer Edward FitzGerald joins the Fetch.AI team

One of the most exciting aspects of the Fetch project has been the coming together of talented individuals and the pooling their wide-ranging skill sets. We are creating a team of people who are passionate about developing Fetch.AI, and helping to shape a new kind of digital economy in the future.

Today, we welcome Edward FitzGerald, an engineer and researcher, with nearly a decade of experience in software development across a variety of platforms and technologies.

Edward’s recent focus has been developing distributed ledger systems. At Nokia Bell Labs he was researching adaptive consensus protocols. He also led the  development of a number of other distributed ledger projects.

Before this, Edward spent time working in the video broadcast industry at Ericsson. During this time, he has developed and implemented state of the art HEVC and H.264 video encoders. Technology which has been used to broadcast everything from the World Cup to humble shopping channels.

At Fetch, Edward will be focused squarely on building the high performance Fetch.AI Smart Ledger, which underpins our environment for autonomous economic agents.

Connect with us and stay tuned for updates about our team, and the status of the Fetch.AI project.

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