21. August, 2018

Patrick Motylinski joins Fetch.AI as a Senior Research Scientist

Fetch.AI are pleased to welcome aboard Senior Research Scientist Patrick Motylinski.

Patrick holds a PhD in theoretical high energy physics from the University of Amsterdam.  He has several highly cited, peer-reviewed scientific publications to his name, as well as a considerable number of patent applications.

After graduating, Patrick worked as a Research Associate in theoretical high energy physics at the University of Freiburg and University College London.

Prior to joining Fetch, Patrick was a Research Scientist in a FinTech company. His work there primarily focused on blockchain based innovation and his expertise in this area will further strengthen Fetch’s pool of world-leading talents.

Outside of work, Patrick can be found pounding out crushingly heavy riffs in a heavy metal band.

Stay tuned for further updates about our team and the status of the Fetch project.  Join us on Telegram for daily updates, or check out our videos on YouTube for more information.


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