4. September, 2018

Fetch.AI’s Amsterdam meetup – recapping our presentation on our virtual machine

After last week’s successful meetup in Berlin, yesterday we headed to Amsterdam for our second meetup in mainland Europe.

Chief Technology Officer Toby Simpson took to the stage to outline the Fetch project.  He analysed the current deployment of artificial intelligence and explained the inherent flaws in its existing workflows.  This will inevitably inhibit machine learning and AI due to their lack of understanding of the real world. Fetch have addressed these flaws by creating a network capable of handling millions of transactions a second. This will allow AI, and the Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) in the digital world, to flourish, evolve and develop.

Senior Software Engineer Troels Rønnow continued the presentation by outlining the role of the virtual machine in the Fetch network.  The VM is now operational and is enhancing the collective super intelligence of the network.

Troels uses ‘Pac-Man’ to illustrate how Fetch’s virtual machine will aid the network’s intelligence

The community will soon be able to explore Fetch’s virtual machine for themselves. Troels also spoke about Fetch’s unique useful Proof of Work (µPoW) consensus which is being integrated to the design of our scalable ledger.  The proof of work is defined as useful as the computational activity will directly benefit the digital economy of the network.

Lead AEA Developer and Head of Community, Josh Croft, joined Toby and Troels on stage for a Q&A session at the end of the meetup.  Amidst the talk of the technological breakthroughs we have achieved, Josh succinctly described our collective passion for the project.  He said, “Fetch makes life easier – that really is the principle of our vision and that excites me.”


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