11. September, 2018

This is a Fetch world

Fetch.AI’s decentralised digital world can be inhabited by an unlimited number of parts.  Data is represented and exchanged by Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) who are each able to see the network from a unique viewpoint.  This enables each AEA to view the data marketplace as efficiently as possible, enabling them to choose to only see the data on the network that may be relevant to them.  The relevancy of the data to an AEA is calculated by the Fetch network’s collective intelligence, and also by search criteria.

As the video below describes, the capabilities of AEAs, and their ability to work both as individual units and as a collective, means the network will be able to create radical solutions to the problems created by the disconnected data that hinders today’s economy.  Fetch’s technology will benefit everyone, but in this video we focus on the transport and energy industries. In both examples, circumstances can change in an instant and Fetch’s capability to respond in real-time, by predicting potential events, ensures that users’ experience is optimised – whether that means travelling home stress-free or by saving money on energy bills.


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