Community Newsletter (10–14 February)

2月 14, 2020


Here is’s community newsletter for the week commencing 10 February 2020. Stay up to date by following us on 推特.

本周亮点 breakthrough achieves lightning fast consensus

On Monday we announced a major technological step forward

The cryptographic breakthrough represents an important milestone for blockchain technology. It improves security while simultaneously reducing the time it takes for transactions to be confirmed.


Boötes: Building on the foundations of our mainnet

We encourage developers to take a look at our first post-mainnet ledger release: Boötes ?

The Boötes update streamlines and refines the mainnet release code to make it faster, simpler and more reliable than ever before. We have achieved this by implementing a number of updates to the beacon service (part of the consensus subsystem) which improves resyncing time and generally increases stability.

To learn more about the improvements we have introduced, check out the release notes on GitHub.

Next round of the staking program to begin

The current lock up period for staked $FET tokens ends on Tuesday and the next bidding phase will be held on the same day between 1–4pm UTC.

Don’t miss this chance to get involved to receive rewards ?

If you haven’t participated before, it’s easy to learn more about the process. selected as one to watch

This week featured in another global list of the most promising AI startups.


AI startup fair at UCL (London, UK, 15 February)

Tomorrow head of research Jonathan Ward will be representing at this popular data science event at University College London. Jonathan will be speaking to students interested in a career developing AI and explaining the opportunities to do so at


本周,除合并外有 8 authors 已经提交 16 commits 到主分支以及 22 commits 在所有分支。在主分支上, 629 files 已更改,有 3,540 additions 和 1,413 deletions查看所有更新.


The technical bounty program

Help us improve the reliability and performance of our network. 查找和报告技术问题 就可获得$FET ?奖励。

? Find a technical issue in’s GitHub ledger repository
? 将该问题提交到GitHub上进行反馈

严重: $10,000等值FET
重要: $6,000等值FET
中等: $2,500等值FET
低等: $800等值FET


加入我们的 developer Slack channel 找到有关bounties和hackathons的信息在我们的 社区网站.

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