Community Newsletter (15–26 June)

6月 26, 2020


Here is’s community newsletter for the two weeks commencing 15 June 2020. Stay up to date by following us on 推特.

Highlight of the fortnight

Unveiling our decentralized train demo

Take a look at our new video showing what we’ve been developing using autonomous agents and the UK railway.

We’ve created agents that represent every single train and rail station in real-time. A buyer agent is able to search for these agents on the Open Economic Framework (OEF).

The demo shows the component parts, the architecture that we’ve built, and how it fits into our transformative vision for the mobility space. Our solution is fully decentralized and uses advanced AI and blockchain technology to return control to individual value providers.

This shows a fraction of what’s possible with a large population of live, real-time autonomous agents representing the world around us. Combined with our previous work on a decentralized ride-sharing application and our ongoing collaborations with partners to aid route planning and autonomous driving, we’re about to pull the covers off something big ?


The democratization of analytics? (Online, 30 June)’s head of business development Maria Minaricova will be speaking on a panel assessing the role that data owners will play in the coming IoT era. Sign up for free to watch the webinar in full.

Blockchain in mobility: Use cases, challenges and opportunities (Online, 9 July)

Maria will also be featuring on the EIT Urban mobility webinar. Register now to learn more about how’s mobility solutions will optimize journeys ??


Margin trading competition has been added to margin trading on Binance. To celebrate this step forward, $100,000 of $FET tokens were awarded in prizes to the winners of our trading competition ? takes part in Blockchain for Europe webinar

? You can now watch the full conversation between CEO Humayun Sheikh and Peteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit for Innovation and Blockchain at the European Commission, which was recorded during this Blockchain for Europe webinar. They discussed the benefits of blockchain and AI technology and how it will shape the future economy.

Date for Round 9 of the staking program announced

The next bidding phase of the staking program will take place between 12–3pm UTC on Monday 29 June ?️

Seize this opportunity to collect token rewards!

Where will technology take us next?

一个 article written by CTO Toby Simpson featured in the UK business publication CityAM. It looked ahead to the technological advances that lie around the corner and the industries most likely to benefit from them first.

The future of self-driving cars

In a new 博客文章, Toby outlined the challenge that lies ahead for individuals seeking to design self-driving cars. While sounding a note of caution, he explains why’s autonomous agents may hold the key to further progress ? staff give two presentations at Crypto Valley Conference

We were pleased to have not one, but two papers accepted into the 2020 Crypto Valley Conference, which is the only blockchain technology conference in the world accredited by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

Due to COVID-19, the papers were presented in a virtual format.

? Watch James Riehl and Jonathan Ward’s presentation on 最大化分片区块链分类账中的吞吐量的交易定价.

? You can also see the presentation by David Minarsch, Seyed Ali Hosseini, Marco Favorito and Jonathan Ward entitled Autonomous Economic Agents as a Second Layer Technology for Blockchains.


Version 0.4.1 of the Agent Framework released

Following this update, our trading agent competition now works with the ERC1155 smart contract, multiple agents can be run programmatically and there is a new, enhanced agent loading mechanism. To learn more, please read the release notes.

In a separate development, the Simple-OEF live version has been upgraded to version 0.1.18. This provides some great new features, including a new building genus for agents and the ability for agents to optionally disclose their position on ‘find lists’ rather than just their range. An agent can now specify how accurate this disclosure is, e.g., accurate to within 10km, 1km, 100m, or as best as possible.

As ever, if you need assistance developing on the network, let us know on our developer Slack channel.

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We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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