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10月 25, 2019


Here is’s community newsletter for the week commencing 21 October. Stay up to date by following us on 推特.

本周亮点 announces new partnership

We are excited to reveal we are working in collaboration with Grey Swan Digital ?

For the first time in a distributed platform, users will be able to create bespoke derivative solutions in any good or service with a common price. By combining our platforms, anyone will be able to trade price, make markets, and offer margin lending anywhere around the world. 了解更多 about the agreement.

The move is part of our ambitions to shake up the steel industry and DeFi more generally. On our decentralized, blockchain-based tokenized metals exchange, smart markets will bring liquidity to illiquid assets. For example, using the network, steel manufacturers can utilize autonomous agents to interact and execute economic transactions autonomously.

In the video below, chief executive Humayun Sheikh explains the enormous benefits this presents:


San Francisco Blockchain Week (28 October-3 November)

Toby Simpson will be attending Epicenter and meeting various industry experts at this popular annual event. Let us know if you will be there too!

PyData Cambridge Meetup (30 October)
David Minarsch and Diarmid Campbell will be discussing’s autonomous agents and highlighting some of the real-world use cases they enable. Don’t miss this great opportunity to see some of our latest technology. Register now to secure your place at the meetup. Cambridge Winter Warmer (13 November)

Join us for a Cambridge meetup on 13 November.

There’s a lot to discuss, from our Solidity ➡️ Etch transpiler, to our staking program, and much more besides!

Sign up now to secure your ticket.

社区新闻 publishes energy market use case machine learning scientist Yujian Ye has co-authored two papers with researchers from Imperial College London as part of the EU SysFlex project funded by the Horizon 2020 program. These show the real-world benefits energy companies and market regulators stand to gain from our technology. The papers were published in the prestigious IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid international journal.

Current analytical market modelling tools fail to take into account the complex operating characteristics necessary for energy generating companies to compete in an optimized way against their competitors. The methodology summarised in this article provides a new answer ?

Diffusion 2019(10月19-20日,德国柏林)

We had a wonderful time at Diffusion 2019 in Berlin.

? Huge congratulations to Team Datarella for winning the tech prize with their submission ‘Effortless Parking’ ???

Datarella used our autonomous agents to create a solution that helped businesses increase their profits, ensured drivers found a parking space quickly, and reduced air pollution in the process.

The two-day event focused on blockchain, AI and IoT technology and featured on two of the tracks:

? Shaking Up the Model: data and compute in different places
?️ Machine Learning in the Decentralized World: opening the AI silos

Lead economist David Minarsch presented a workshop explaining how to build your own autonomous agent. In a separate demonstration, CTO Toby Simpson showed how Ethereum developers can, by using our new Etch tool suite, easily move their code across to the network.

AI+DLT: Benefits, Risks and Ethics (22 October, London, UK)

On Tuesday, head of research Jonathan Ward attended a conference in London regarding the future of DLT and AI technology. He observed how collections of personal data are now being regarded as a liability rather than an asset due to privacy, security and anti-trust concerns. Jonathan explained how’s multi-agent system addresses these issues.

Tokenization: Benefits for SMEs (23 October, Frankfurt, Germany)
Lead economist David Minarsch participated in a workshop at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. The workshop was an opportunity to share ideas with other experts and explain the benefits to companies of using blockchain technology to manage assets. AMA with Crypto Believers (23 October)
On Wednesday, CTO Toby Simpson answered questions from the community on the Crypto Believers Telegram channel. Thanks to everyone who took part. We received some great questions and look forward to participating in more AMAs over the coming weeks.


We’re gearing up for our next tech release, code-named Ara. To this end, we have been busy implementing the introduction of payable contract addresses which will be able to send and receive funds.

本周,除合并外有 12 authors 已经提交 30 commits 到主分支以及 53 commits 在所有分支。在主分支上, 212 files 已更改,有 5,625 additions5,180 deletions. 查看所有更新.


帮助我们提高网络的可靠性和性能。 查找和报告技术问题 就可获得$FET ?奖励。

?查找技术问题在Fetch.ai的 GitHub ledger repository
? 将该问题提交到GitHub上进行反馈

严重: $10,000等值FET
重要: $6,000等值FET
中等: $2,500等值FET
低等: $800等值FET


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