Community Newsletter (29 June — 10 July)

7月 10, 2020


Here is’s community newsletter for the two weeks commencing 29 June 2020. Stay up to date by following us on 推特.’s collective learning technology revealed

This week we’ve been outlining the latest use case for our technology.

Doctors can use collective learning and AI to optimize diagnoses, enabling patients to receive effective care faster — and without giving away access to their private personal data.

On Wednesday, we showcased a demo of our technology and held a Q&A as part of a popular webinar on the topic of collective learning. Take a look and let us know what you think! Mobility webinar (16 July)

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Following the success of the collective learning webinar, on Thursday 16 July we’re hosting another webinar, this time taking a deep dive on the subject of our decentralized mobility solutions. ????

An openly accessible, real-time infrastructure for sharing insights about the state of the transportation network would create wealth, increase productivity and drive economic growth. It would enable the sale and use of knowledge about the demand for, and supply of, mobility.

Sign up to find out how we’re making it possible.

Version 0.5.0 of the Agent Framework released

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This is a substantial release for us. It includes a wealth of updates, including improved agent communications, which use protocols so you can get more done, with less knowledge.

Take a look at the release in more detail and start building!

As ever, if you need assistance developing on the network, let us know on our developer Slack channel.

New centre for content on CityAM

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We now have a bespoke media centre in the highly respected UK business publication CityAM ?

Take a read of the brand new articles we’ve included so far. There’s much more to come ?

Round 9 of our staking program is under way

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Round 9 of the bidding phase of our staking program was once again hugely successful and saw nearly 154 million $FET tokens staked.

Congratulations to everyone who participated. You can collect the tokens, along with the rewards, when the 30-day lock up period has ended ?

Delivering technology, and more, to your doorstep

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CTO Toby Simpson’s latest 博客文章 outlines how the technology of the future decentralized economy is coming together to provide trust, reputation, value exchange and scale ? is at the forefront of this movement and is collaborating with others to provide solutions to many of the problems in the current gig economy.

Blockchain in Mobility event (9 July)

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Yesterday, our head of business development Maria Minaricova participated in this Urban Mobility webinar to discuss our decentralized mobility solutions and how the implementation of blockchain technology will revolutionize the way we travel ??

AI and Blockchain: The technologies of the future (7 July)

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We’re always keen to spread the word about our technology ?

On Tuesday, Toby Simpson addressed the Blockchain Education Network in Turkey during this online event, to explain why AI and blockchain represent the technologies of the future and the benefits their convergence can bring.

Democratizing analytics using blockchain (30 June)

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During this webinar Maria discussed how blockchain and decentralization will democratize data analytics — and benefit everyone in the process.

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