Community Newsletter (4–15 May)

5月 15, 2020


Here is’s community newsletter for the two weeks commencing 4 May 2020. Stay up to date by following us on 推特.

Highlight of the fortnight

Our 路线图 is now available! This gives you a broad idea of what we are working to deliver this year, divided into quarters.

We will be updating and extending this page as the months progress. It promises to be an exciting year, and we’re looking forward to sharing more information with the community in the weeks ahead.


On Thursday 21 May’s head of business development Maria Minaricova will be taking part in an online panel discussion about the relationship between blockchain and AI technologies.

Sign up to watch analysis of the potential use cases, opportunities and risks the technologies represent.


In a new article for business publication CityAM, CEO Humayun Sheikh explains how we can ensure the new, post COVID-19, normal is better than what came before.

Earlier this week we shared a new demo as part of the International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS).

In this 视频’s lead economist David Minarsch showcases a trading competition involving autonomous agents. The demo outlines how agents could trade on behalf of their users to exchange digital assets and crypto tokens ?

This new update features:

?️ Windows platform support: Windows users can use the Agent Framework in full. Additionally, we resolved a number of other incompatibility issues.

?️ Dialogue generator: Protocols now produce the semantics of a protocol along with message format and serialization. This simplifies the process of enabling agents to communicate.

?️ Stability improvements: We’ve included a huge number of optimizations and fixes.

Remember, if you need assistance developing on the network, let us know on our developer Slack channel.

Last but not least, we encourage you to take a look at our relaunched community site and to let us know what you think!

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We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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