Here is Fetch.ai’s community newsletter for the two weeks up to today Friday 2nd October 2020. And what a two weeks it has been. There is never a boring week in crypto.

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Highlight of the fortnight

Launching our Random Number Generator on Binance Smart Chain

Unstoppable random numbers on Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos and Ethereum

This week we announced the integration of a new product on the Fetch.ai network, the Random Number Beacon, GLOW-DRB, on Binance Smart Chain.

GLOW-DRB is a new decentralized random beacon that provides incorruptible sources of randomness for decentralized applications. Fetch.ai’s design and implementation of this novel cryptographic technique is currently integrated with the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, as well as all Cosmos-based chains.

一种 Decentralized Random Beacon is an incorruptible and unpredictable source of randomness that is computed by a collection of parties in such a way that no individual can interrupt its calculation or bias its value. These techniques can be used in applications that involve coordinating multiple parties in settings that require high degrees of trust such as in the finance or healthcare industries.

Find out more in our announcement


Statement following KuCoin security incident

Official statement from the Fetch.ai Foundation

Following the events of the KuCoin exchange hack at the weekend, we are watching developments carefully and are considering our options with regards to updates to our smart contract.

This statement concerns a suspension of the planned launch of our staking 2.0 upgrade this week, and how potential changes to the smart contract may affect our development roadmap.

Read the full statement from the Fetch.ai Foundation


Staking is changing for the better, to prepare for Mainnet v2.0

Over the coming months we will be migrating our test-net to become Main-net v2.0, integrating the Agent Framework (Agentland), as well as new services for Oracles, a Decentralized Random Beacon (DRB) for strong pseudorandom numbers, our new CosmWasm based virtual machine, and other improvements.

As part of this update, staking on the main-net will move towards Node Operation model, which over time will enable delegated staking to a network of staking providers, or directly with Fetch.ai via a smart contract interface.

To that end there will be up-coming incentivised test-nets program. If you are interested in participating in this program, please join our Developer Slack, and access the #staking channel to talk with the team.

As part of this journey to our new main-net, we will be shortly launching an updated method of staking that ensures we are ready for partners, network operators and more. We’ve worked hard to ensure that this new staking is flexible, easy to use and works now and into the future.

Find out more in our recent staking blog.

Staking 2.0 & network development update webinar

View our recent community update webinar

Toby and Matt gave an update on staking 2.0 on Thursday, including some insights into the KuCoin incident, and future development roadmap in our latest online meetup. View the playback, and follow us on Crowdcast to be informed of future online meetups from the team.


Mobility Product Development Update

Planes, trains and automobiles

Over the past few months we have produced a number of demos of our mobility solutions, so we wanted to share with you all a brief update of the progress over the summer, and what’s next for us.

At Fetch.ai, we are broadly grouped into research, the core ledger and economics team, and applications. Our applications teams are focused on mobility, financial, and collective learning, and each of these are working on a product roadmap to bring the Fetch.ai vision to life.

Our applications team have been hard at work building out of Mobility product suite – read on at our blog.

Launch of the AEA Registry: “the APP store for Agents”

Want an agent? There's an app for that.

我们开发了一个新的 自治经济代理人(AEA)注册中心 that will allow you to build agents and participate in this new digital economy far more easily. The aim was to develop an effective “App Store” for developers that allows you to access and build agents like never before.

Read on in our AEA Registry article or visit the AEA Registry itself.

Signing off for another fortnight

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