Fetch.ai Community Newsletter (22 August – 4 September)

9月 4, 2020

Hello everyone,

Here is Fetch.ai’s community newsletter for the two weeks commencing 22 August 2020. It’s a bumper edition, so buckle up!

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Highlight of the fortnight

Upcoming launch of Mettalex Commodities Platform

MTLX token distribution starts September 8th, stake FET to receive MTLX rewards

We are pleased to announce that Mettalex is moving to launch, and this email will give you information about how you can participate in the Mettalex platform via our launch event, starting Tuesday 8th September.

Mettalex is a decentralized crypto and commodities derivatives trading platform, and one of the first major applications to be built using the Fetch.ai technology. Mettalex is aiming to solve market failures inherent to today’s commodities market: front running, poor liquidity, price manipulation and loss of value in the form of margin calls.

FET is used in the Mettalex application as the underlying ledger for high throughput transaction rates, Fetch.ai Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs) are also used as index providers, and as the home for the Autonomous Market Maker (AMM) that runs the trading platform.

The MTLX governance tokens (MTLX) are used to vote on system parameters such as choice of autonomous market makers to back with liquidity from the liquidity pool, for voting on the creation of new markets, the usage of exchange fees, the percentage of the spread going to the pool, and the buyback and borrowing rates from the liquidity pool.

Starting from Tuesday 8th September, FET holders can receive the first MTLX tokens to be minted via a staking pool mechanism which will earn MTLX tokens as a reward.

The FET holders will be the very first people to receive MTLX tokens — before any other participants.

How to receive MTLX governance tokens

  1. FET holders will be able to stake the tokens from the 8th of September up to 10th of September at staking.mettalex.com
  2. On 10th September at 6pm UTC the staked FET will be locked for 21 days and during this period no FET can be withdrawn
  3. During the staked period MTLX tokens earned can be withdrawn but not the FET
  4. On 1st October the FET tokens will be unlocked.
  5. In October v1 of MTLX liquidity pools and community testing phase will be announced


Fetch.ai joins Messari Disclosures Registry

Fetch.ai joins Messari Disclosures Registry

For the past few weeks we’ve been working with the team at Messari, and are pleased to announce that we’ve been accepted into the Disclosures Registry, to build a mature & transparent ecosystem. As part of this, we have committed to transparency by providing regular project disclosures and updates.

Our profile is now visible with the Disclosures check mark on Messari.com

Wolf of all streets podcast

Humayun talks to Wolf of All Streets

Our CEO Humayun Sheikh was interviewed last week by Scott Melker from the Wolf of All Streets podcast and it was published yesterday.

Watch the video to hear about AI for dummies, Commodity trading, the dangers of AI, the Matrix, teaching machines to interact with each other, self-driving cars, DeFi innovation and DeepMind.

What a conversation!

Bitfinex Catalyst Sale sells out in 14 seconds

Bitfinex Catalyst sale sells out in 14 seconds

As part of our listing with Bitfinex, we took part in a secondary token sale of 1.9million FET to Bitfinex users. The token sale sold out in 14 seconds, and we are glad to have been able to bring the opportunities of Fetch.ai technology to a growing community on Bitfinex.

Humayun, our CEO commented: “We are overwhelmed by the support from our community and the response to our Catalyst sale, the success of the Fetch.ai Catalyst Sale indicates a growing interest amongst new and existing users in an interconnected economy, and the intersection of AI and blockchain technologies.”


PyData Cambridge meetup

Fetch.ai team talks at the PyData Cambridge meetup about mobility

Josh and Aris presented at the PyData Cambridge meetup on 26th August, and spoke about our mobility roadmap and product suite.

Composability and best practice in DeFi panel

Our CTO Jonathan Ward was glad to join a star-studded panel on ‘Composability and best practice in DeFi’ featuring Jack Purdy (Messari), Cassidy Daly (Centrifuge), Kyle Kistner (bZx) and Michael Weber (DIA Data).

It was a great conversation, and you can watch the web stream on this link.

Agent Framework 0.6 release

More shipping than a ship with other ships on it

And despite all this activity, we also can’t stop shipping that sweet sweet code.

Toby Simpson, our COO, writes:

It’s now a year since the first Agent Framework hit the streets, making this one the Birthday release. So raise a glass for Autonomous Economic Agents and grab a slice of cake. Now, over to the Agent Framework itself for a brief speech:There’s so much in this v0.6 release, we’ve come a long way, and we’re now warming up for version 1.0 over the coming few months. In this release, we’ve got:

* Massively simplified dialogue handling. This reduces the amount of code needed when creating skills by a good 20%: you write less, and achieve more.

* Support for the new fetch1 address format for Agentland, as supported by SOEF version 0.1.26 and above.

* The usual bug fixes and tweaks as per reports from developers, and a load of code-refactoring making things easier to read and understand whilst preparing for v1 feature-set.

* Internal message handling is now fully consistent across the framework which simplifies the development of skills and connections

* Lots of work in making Agentland development easier: FetchAICrypto works correctly, and is now the default again.

* Lots of work on P2P to improve error reporting and more.

* Lots of updates to the documentation, including a decent chunk on contract usage. And a big one… because, well, it 在: my birthday:*

Agent Registry Front End

We have build a front-end for the Agent Registry. You can access this here: https://aea-registry.fetch.ai/.

It allows you to find, download and publish AEA packages including entire agents, skills, connections, protocols and contracts. This is a super-cool addition to the Agent Framework and it’s just part 1 of how we intend on making it easier and easier to build agents quickly that do what you want.

For the full release notes (and the code), see: https://github.com/fetchai/agents-aea/releases/tag/v0.6.0

You can get the latest version as usual from PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/aea/0.6.0/

And our latest documentation is here: https://docs.fetch.ai

As usual, if you have any questions, or would like support and assistance getting going, please talk to us at the developer Slack.

Have a great weekend everybody!