9月27, 2019


Here is Fetch.ai’s community newsletter for the week commencing 23 September. Stay up to date by following us on 推特.


Binance Telegram AMA

Thanks to everyone who participated in today’s AMA on Binance’s English Telegram channel and well done to those of you who answered the quiz questions correctly.

We received a huge number of questions for our CEO Humayun Sheikh. Humayun provided updates on a range of topics, including the announcement that next week we will be unveiling guides explaining how you can take part in our upcoming staking auctions.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make this AMA — a full transcript will be published next week. We will also be announcing the winners of the AMA and distributing 130,000 $FET tokens to the winning participants ?

Staking auction contract deployed

Our innovative staking auction contract has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet. This paves the way for community members to earn rewards in return for locking up their ERC-20 FET tokens. In the future, this staking mechanism will be used to allocate rights to operating Fetch.ai validator nodes.

The contract implements a ground-breaking consensus, known as Proof-of-Stake with unpermissioned Delegation, that enables the network to be run securely and at low cost without compromising on decentralization.

Many thanks to the highly respected smart contract auditor CertiK for verifying the contract and awarding it a score of 100% for security and implementation quality.

Staking auctions will start in October and will run continuously on the Ethereum network until the launch of our mainnet at the end of this year.


World Summit AI (9–10 October, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

业务发展主管Maria Minaricova将参加World Summit AI的讨论。 World Summit AI。这次活动将是一个绝佳的机会,与不断发展的AI领域的其他领导者会面。如果您也会在那里,请让我们知道!

Diffusion 2019 (19–20 October, Berlin, Germany)

Fetch.ai将参加 Diffusion 2019这是一个专注于区块链、AI和物联网的开发者大会。其理念是试图将不同社区聚集在一起,此前这些社区或许并没有在某一特定事件中碰面并共事的机会。我们正在寻求致力于构建保护隐私的、点对点的、去中心化技术的合作者,加入Web3的共同发展。

○ There will be CEOs, CTOs, and lead devs from some great teams and companies already attending including Cosmos, Parity, Sovrin, Agoric, IOTA, Chainlink, Enigma, Hyperledger, Ocean Protocol, DAOstack, Deutsche Telekom + lots more.
○ There will be around 350 developers involved, with prizes worth thousands of dollars
○ There will be a careers desk, multiple talks and workshops as well as networking opportunities
○ Odyssey Hackathon will be running a track
○ All food and drink will be covered

若您想参加,但并非程序员的话,用“OVdiscount”作验证码可免费参加讲座和研讨会 此处 开始学习更多关于Fetch.ai的内容 此处.


Synergetic Contract Hackathon 0x03;

Congratulations to Thomas Rae who came first in our Synergetic Contract Hackathon. In addition to 50,000 FET tokens Thomas will receive the support he needs to make his ride-sharing solution a reality!

Cambridge Meetup

Great to see so many Fetch.ai community members — both old and new — at our Cambridge meetup. It’s always a great opportunity to share updates about what we’re working on with local business owners and university students.

Fetch.ai Cambridge September Meetup


○ We’re preparing for Diffusion 2019, building tools and documentation to enable those attending to easily build with Fetch.ai.
○ Our agent framework is growing, and we have an entire team researching and developing scaling solutions for decentralized search. We’re actively improving searching by physical and digital locations.
○ Our beta mainnet release featuring synergetic contracts is imminent and finally, we’re testing the infrastructure around staking which is due to launch in October.


本周,除合并外有 6 authors 已经提交 10 commits 到主分支以及 10 commits to all branches.

On the main branch, 281 files 已更改,有 2,672 additions1,293 deletions. 查看所有更新.


The Fetch.ai technical bounty program

帮助我们提升技术可靠性与性能通过 查找和报告技术问题 就可获得$FET ?奖励。


?查找技术问题在Fetch.ai的 GitHub ledger repository

? 将该问题提交到GitHub上进行反馈



○ Critical: $10,000 in FET
○ Major: $6,000 in FET
○ Medium: $2,500 in FET
○ Low: $800 in FET


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