Fetch.ai Community Newsletter (5 – 18 September)

9月 18, 2020


Here is Fetch.ai’s community newsletter for the two weeks commencing 5 September 2020. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter. 

Highlight of the fortnight

Autonomous Economic Agent Deep Dive + Community Q&A

You don't want to miss this one!

We are thrilled to be hosting an Autonomous Economic Agent Deep Dive and Community Q&A webinar next Thursday at 2pm. Grab a cup of coffee, a slice of cake and join us to watch Toby Simpson (COO) and David Minarsch (Lead Economist) take a deep dive into Fetch.AI’s Autonomous Economic Agents and watch them answer your questions in a community Q&A.

The areas to be discussed include;

  • High level Autonomous Economic Agents overview
  • Details of developments in our Agent framework and what you can do with them
  • Upcoming developer tools and the new AEA registry site
  • Our future roadmap on Agent development.
You don’t want to miss it! Register now


CEO Humayun Sheikh interviewed on Bloomberg Again!

The 2nd of a 3-part interview series

Humayun takes the time to explain how Artificial intelligence (AI) and, machine learning on the blockchain will be mandatory for businesses to survive. Humayun goes into how fetch.ai has use cases for hospitals to learn from data without sharing the data, which is extremely useful and novel for COVID virus preparation. You can check out the full interview here. Fetch.ai will be completing the three-part series with another interview later this month so stay tuned for that!

Metallex Update

Mettalex staking overview

WOW! The Mettalex staking event was a huge success. During the 48hr staking period, a staggering 130million FET was staked to earn MTLX. Huge congrats to the whole Mettalex team.

Cointelegraph provided excellent coverage of the Mettalex commodities derivatives platform so it’s definitely worth the quick read here. Also, if that isn’t enough and you want to learn even more about Mettalex, we’ve published a new Mettalex Litepaper online that you can check out here. This is just the start, so watch this space for more coming soon!


Autonomous Economic Agents: an update

We Love Autonomous Economic Agents!

Here at Fetch.ai, we can’t get enough of Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs). Alongside our upcoming webinar, we have released an AEA update.

If you’re interested in an AEA overview, the new AEA framework, our latest agent framework 0.6.1 release notes, the next steps and future plans, check out the latest article here.

Autonomous Economic Agent Registry Now Live

165791 agents present on the registry

Our super-cool new agent registry is now live and ready for you to come and have a play. Developers, it is your time to try it out NOW!

We have build a front-end for the Agent Registry. You can access this here: https://aea-registry.fetch.ai/. It allows you to find, download and publish AEA packages including entire agents, skills, connections, protocols and contracts. This is a exciting addition to the Agent Framework and it’s just part 1 of how we intend on making it easier and easier to build agents quickly that do what you want. Can you believe 165791 agents have conducted 104794 searches and this is just the beginning.

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We hope you have a fantastic weekend.