Fetch.ai partners with Cudo to deliver machine learning services at scale


Cudo, the distributed computer provider that allows users to monetise their underutilised computing power with a collaborative consumption network platform, has announced a partnership with Fetch.ai to scale out machine learning services via their platform.

Cudo is a rapidly growing distributed compute platform, founded by Matt Hawkins, serial cloud computing entrepreneur. The Cudo platform allows users to save up to 10x the cost of traditional cloud computing, without compromising scale or security.

The Cudo ecosystem provides a decentralised layer, and CUDOS is a layer 2 oracle network, governed by smart contracts (including Ethereum and Algorand) over a hardware-level encrypted validator network, which connects blockchain developers and services including AI, DeFi, scientific research and others to a global footprint of computing power on the Cudo platform.

Cudo will provide the CUDOS network as a dynamic compute platform to enable batch processing of decentralized machine learning tasks on the Fetch.ai network, as well as a flexible source of compute power for Autonomous Software Agents on the Fetch.ai network.

Nuno Pereira Cudo’s VP of Partnerships noted: “We have been working closely with Fetch.ai this year since joining the Outlier Ventures ecosystem. Their team are pioneers and share our vision of making better use of the world’s computing power by providing the ability to run machine learning workloads securely over a distributed and decentralised network, with Cudo and the decentralised CUDOS network becoming a key supply partner for their scaling demand.”

The partnership will also cover scaling out Fetch.ai network validation, as that feature is rolled out, first in the validator testnet phases in December, and then on the planned v2.0 Mainnet due to go live in 2021.

Fetch.ai Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Ward commented: “We are progressively building the tools and functionality to enable multi-agent systems to perform at scale. This includes access to compute resources, data, markets, and the underlying tools to facilitate developers and corporations to access an on-demand system for complex economic co-ordination. We are glad to work with Cudo and their CUDOS decentralised compute network to bring this vision to reality”.

Fetch.ai is providing an integrated product suite of tools and functionality that enables software developers to implement multi-agent systems that are powered by the FET token. More information about developing autonomous agents and ML services for financial, industrial and IoT applications are available at docs.fetch.ai.