Validation Capital商业验证者投资了

5月 24, 2021

Marks the latest in a series of strategic partnerships has made this year following their Mainnet 2 launch on March 31. and Validation Capital would like to officially announce that Validation Capital has on-boarded as a validator and is investing an undisclosed amount in  

Validation Capital provides secure node infrastructure and investment capital to blockchain networks, with a focus on networks primed for commercial adoption.’s recent collaboration with the Catena X automotive alliance featuring Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, and other large automotive companies, points to a rapidly growing institutional and enterprise interest in the ecosystem. 

This investment will be instrumental in bringing’s vision of AI and blockchain-based applications closer to commercialization. will allocate the funds towards research and development of DeFi applications as well as further development of existing use cases.

”Validation Capital is excited to partner with and will help grow the network as a validator and investor. The team are leaders in decentralized machine learning and are building a platform that will empower limitless commercial applications.”

– Alex Altman, COO and Co-founder of Validation Capital

Validation Capital will continue to operate an institutional-grade validator node and support’s ecosystem as it expands to a broader community. 

“We at are excited to work with Validation Capital as a strategic partner. Their expertise in network infrastructure and crypto-advisory will enable to deliver industry-leading innovations”

– Jonathan Ward, CTO, 主网 v2.0(于31.03推出)是迈向构建基于AI的区块链的重要一步,该区块链使企业和个人能够为DeFi应用程序部署自主经济代理(AEA),例如止损代理和基于代理的预言机与许多区块链网络(如Polkadot,Cosmos,Harmony等)可以互操作。 

The v2.0 ledger is being built using the Cosmos-SDK and will offer full interoperability between’s native token (FET), other IBC-compatible chains, and the ERC-20 token via a Gravity-based interchain bridge. The ledger is set to include a 分散式随机信标(DRB)并且结合了Tendermint,这使得该账本拥有了一个安全的共识机制和减少储存成本的压缩式多重签名。其中,该账本采用的 插槽质押证明共识(sPoS) ,会大大减少验证节点的计算负担,保护验证节点的利益。


Besides Validation Capital, several other experienced validators have also agreed to operate the network with links to their company websites displayed in our 区块浏览器.

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  • 路线图 在接下来的六个月中,最重要的是,在接下来的几个月中,区块链的代币经济学以及质押将如何发展。我们的验证者,在主网上的角色以及我们未来如何计划扩大验证者池

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关于 正在构建基于分布式分类账本的去中心化机器学习平台,该平台可允许全球用户安全共享数据,允许用户之间的连接以及交易。

About Validation Capital
Validation Capital (“VCC”) is an infrastructure and investment firm for blockchain networks. VCC provides secure node infrastructure, investment capital, and advisory to industry leading networks including Chainlink, VeChain and Flow, among others. VCC’s team brings a blend of Wall Street and engineering talent. VCC’s finance team has more than 25 years of capital markets and investing experience from firms including CIBC and BMO. The engineering team brings enterprise best practices in cybersecurity and network architecture from Deloitte.