Community Newsletter (20–24 January)

Jan 24, 2020


Here is’s community newsletter for the week commencing 20 January 2020. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter.

Highlight of the week

Optimizing energy use in real-time with machine learning

Together with Warwick Business School and the University of Warwick, we’re using artificial intelligence to enhance energy systems.

Tests show our data-driven approach reduces costs by 13–18%. Read Warwick Business School’s article about the energy study and learn how we’re helping the university reach its goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2030.

Community news

Another successful round of the staking program

The fourth round of the staking program saw almost 156 million $FET tokens (46% of the current circulating supply) staked for 30 days. Congratulations to everyone who took part — you will receive FET rewards ? when the lock up ends.

What will determine the speed of blockchain user adoption in 2020? chief executive Humayun Sheikh was one of several industry leaders who answered this important question. Read what he had to say.

Upcoming events

City Futurescapes — How digital tech is changing London (London, 24 January)

Later today our head of business development Maria Minaricova will feature on a panel analyzing how blockchain technology can shape the development of smart cities. At the event, hosted by London South Bank University, Maria will discuss how new innovations can help us to collectively tackle challenges and seize opportunities to enhance London and other cities around the world. Attend the event to learn more — there’s still time to buy the last remaining tickets.

Blockchain for Europe Summit (EU Parliament, Brussels, 5 February)

As one of the founding members of Blockchain for Europe, we are co-organizing and participating at this summit in the European Parliament. We will be joined by European policymakers and business leaders to discuss decentralization, tokenization and the benefits blockchain technology can bring to society.

We hope you can join us at this public event. Read the program and register now.

Technology update

This week, excluding merges, 13 authors have pushed 20 commits to the main branch and 31 commits to all branches. On the main branch, 390 files have changed and there have been 14,261 additions and 24,305 deletions. See all updates.

Bounties, hackathons and competitions

The technical bounty program

Help us improve the reliability and performance of our network. Find and report technical issues and be awarded $FET ?


? Find a technical issue in’s GitHub ledger repository
? Report it as an issue on GitHub
?️ Additional award for a fix

Award structure

Critical: $10,000 in FET
Major: $6,000 in FET
Medium: $2,500 in FET
Low: $800 in FET

More bounties are coming soon involving autonomous agents, mobile applications and much more — watch this space!

Join our developer Slack channel and find information on our bounties and hackathons on our community website.

Thanks for reading our update. Join the conversation with the rest of our community on Telegram. We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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