Converting Native to ERC20 using browser wallet

Oct 7, 2021

Dear Community,

With the token bridge now open once again, here is an easy process explaining how to send tokens across on the native to ERC20 side using the Fetch browser wallet.

Step 1: Create an account on the Fetch browser wallet if you do not have one. Save your 12/24 word mnemonic safely somewhere. Do not share this with anyone and if you lose it, you cannot recover your assets.

Step 2: Send the amount of tokens you wish to transfer from your cosmostation mobile wallet or your ledger to the generated address on your fetch browser wallet.

Step 3: Once you have, browse to, switch to the “Native to ERC20” tab, and click on “connect browser wallet” and permit the token bridge to connect with your browser wallet.

Step 4: Token bridge will be automatically populated with your currently selected metamask address on ERC20 and your fetch wallet address on native. Make sure those are correct!

Step 5: Enter the amount and click transfer.

Disclaimer for the ledger users: The wallet integration for ledger nano is currently being worked upon — If you’d like to transfer directly from your ledger, please use the “Connect ledger” button from the Bridge UI instead of using the “Import ledger” button of the wallet.