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  • What

    The Developer Platform uses Digital Twin technology to connect and automate marketplaces to help facilitate new data models, solutions, and add-ons for businesses and enterprises.

  • Why

    With the list of innovative business models and the evolution of Web3 technology, businesses require new supports to ensure a quality user experience.

  • How

    The Developer Platform is the powerhouse behind the App, allowing developers to create solutions for businesses and enterprises on the Blockchain with AI and machine learning capabilities.

Make better recommendations

Integrate your recommendations into the Network, leverage customer insights & behavioral analytics to strengthen customer loyalty and further engagement.

Access new customers and markets

With a roadmap of web3 integrations, including NFT generation, smart data portability, and comprehensive attributes and analytics - we provide a 360 degree view of the user alongside future technology, so you can create truly immersive, personalized custom experiences.

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Locations v0.1

Locations will facilitate experiences and activities with twins and assets that are nearby.