Fetch Network
How to use the Fetch wallet

How to use the Fetch wallet

Deposit Tokens

To transfer funds to your account on the Fetch wallet:

In the wallet or application you are using to send the funds, use your account's address as the destination account to which the funds must go.

Copy Your Account's Address

  1. Either click on the account address at the top of the dashboard (under the account name).
  2. Or select Deposit and scan the QR code.

Once you send the tokens, the balance should be updated.

In the event of failure: if your origin wallet says that the address (which should start with "fetch") is invalid, it is probably expecting an Ethereum address (beginning with "0x") and is most likely trying to send ERC-20 FET. In this case, you need to use the token bridge to swap your ERC-20 FET for native FET.

WARNING: you should not send ERC-20 FET to this wallet. If you do, you will lose your tokens. The Fetch wallet can only hold native FET tokens and not ERC-20 FET tokens.

Send Tokens

To send tokens from your account:

  1. Select Send.

  2. Fill in the details of your transaction:

    • Recipient: the address you want to send the tokens to.
    • Token: the token denomination or type.
    • Amount: the number of tokens you want to send with this transaction (you can see your current balance above the Amount)
    • Memo (Optional): some transactions (e.g. to/from some exchanges) require a specific memo. If not needed, you can leave it blank.
    • Fee: the transaction fee. Choose from Low, Average and High.

    Usually, the lower the transaction fee, the longer you need to wait for your transaction to be settled on the network.

  3. Press Send.

  4. In the summary screen, review the details and if everything is correct, select Approve. You can check the status of your transaction via the explorer ↗️ (opens in a new tab).