Release Notes


Features added
  • Alpha release of Developer Platform


Features added
  • Name field added to Images / Videos / Asset models
  • Query parameters (name & category) added to Asset endpoint
  • Images attribute updated to enable secure url


Features added
  • Images / Video endpoints added
  • Memories endpoint added
  • Tasks / Quests endpoints added


Features added
  • First version of Fetch API documentation released
  • Access token now accessible from dashboard UI

v0.6.0 - 04/28/22

Features added
  • Platform dashboard now published online and accessible publicly at: This includes the most up to date changes
  • Initial draft of release notes published documenting high level overview of features added, improvements/bug fixes, known issues, and breaking changes (ongoing document)
  • Initial draft of glossary of terms used in developer platform published
Known Issues
  • The published site is not connecting to the backend so when you login it cannot fetch the organization details and child properties
  • The published site still circumvents the developer flow for now, only showing the vendor registration flow (see previous release known issues)

v0.5.2 - 04/21/22

Features added
  • New pathway (user flow) for vendor(s) added straight after login
  • Business details capture for vendors
  • Room (possession) management for vendor(s)
  • Add new room
  • Add/remove room facilities
  • New login page added
  • Currently, the developer pathway is obscured via the new vendor pathway; you cannot access the developer flow without completing the vendor registration flow (this is temporary whilst the vendor flow is being worked on and is expected to be updated by May 2nd, 2022)

v0.5.1 - 04/14/22

Features added
  • The ability to manage cars as a possession for the digital twin including:
  • Lookup car via number plate lookup (US NY only)
  • Add / remove car(s)
  • Update car details
  • The ability to manage active task(s) assigned to an active digital twin within the parking protocol including:
  • Add new supply task (find parking spot within given parameters)
  • Add new demand task (find parking spot within given parameters)
  • Updated API endpoints published in developer platform documentation

v0.5.0 - 04/07/22

Features added
  • Twin management
  • Add / delete new twin
  • Update (change name) twin
  • Organization management
  • Update default organization
  • Automatic context switching (when you add a new organization, it automatically changes the active organization to the the newly created organization)

v0.x.x - 03/31/22

Features added
  • Organization management
  • Add new organization
  • Update (change name) organization