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What is

With a strong focus on building real-world solutions, we are at the forefront of both blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. We’re working on several key areas including:

  • Sharing of knowledge across data silos using machine learning, economics and advanced cryptography with potential applications to the finance, insurance and healthcare industries.
  • Autonomous agents for optimizing complex systems with multiple stakeholders in the mobility, smart cities, energy and supply chain sectors.
  • Development of advanced blockchain technologies to overcome the security and scalability challenges of existing implementations.

Do you have a roadmap?

Yes, you can find a roadmap here:

Where can I see your academic papers?

They are listed here:

How can I get involved with

Contact us at [email protected], and take a look at our careers page:

Is a decentralized public project?

Yes. All of Fetch’s decentralized technology is released open-source.

How many FET tokens are there in total?


Where can I find key token metrics?

You can find the key token metrics in our tokenomics paper: 

And our Binance research profile:

Where can I see the current circulating supply?

The live page is here:

When was the last $FET token swap?

The $FET token swap was concluded on March 31 2021 at 3PM CET.

What is the new contract of the FET ERC-20 smart contract?

The Foundation has deployed a new FET token contract, and we ask the community and industry to support the swap.

The new contract has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet and you can view it, and its audit report, here:

It has not escaped our notice that the new contract address begins with “AEA”, and is the perfect home for’s tokens and Autonomous Economic Agents now and in the future! The contract has been audited, and you can read the audit report here:

My tokens are in my MetaMask wallet. What do I need to do?

If you hold your tokens in a wallet, no action is required before the token swap. After the token swap you need to update the wallet with the new FET contract address, as above in order to see the balance of the new FET tokens in MetaMask.

I have my tokens with Binance / Bitfinex / another exchange?

If you hold your tokens on a centralized exchange, no action is required before or after the token swap. Your balances will be automatically transferred to the new contract address

How do I tell the difference between the old and new tokens?

Specific instructions for Metamask and MyEtherwallet are given above. For other types of wallets and token browsers, it’s important to note that the contract address of the new token is 0xaea46A60368A7bD060eec7DF8CBa43b7EF41Ad85.

How do I operate a node on the Fetch network?

As part of the process to truly decentralized governance, we are running an incentivized testnet program after the token swap is completed. The second phase of this program is targeted at recruiting a new wave of network operators, and interested parties can register by contacting [email protected]

What utility does the Fetch token have within the network? has issued a fixed number (1,152,997,575) of non-divisible tokens that are used on the network as the digital currency for all transactions. As agents buy and sell data they do so with FET tokens, therefore as use of the data marketplace increases so too demand for the token grows. In certain circumstances, node operators and agents must also provide FET tokens for operations on the network such as secure communication between agents, other actions require tokens be provided as a refundable deposit.

We’ve set out some of the utility of the FET token here: 

Did hold a public token sale?

Yes, held a public token sale on Binance Launchpad on 25 February 2019. Due to overwhelming public demand, $6m was raised in just 22 seconds. Following the sale, we are focussing our efforts to continue releasing more innovative technology over the coming weeks and months.

What is the token ticker?


Where can I find out more information about token metrics?

These can be found in our blue paper, which is available in eight different languages. You can find more details about the public token sale by visiting our project page on Binance.

Do you have a working prototype?

Yes, on 31.03.2021 we launched the Mainnet v2.0.  Following this landmark achievement, FET tokens can now be used to get work done on the network. Using FET as the fuel, autonomous agents, the smart ledger, synergetic and AI-powered smart contracts are now a reality. This is incredibly exciting as developers and commercial businesses are now able to work on our unique platform to build applications. Learn more about the technology.

Is an open source project?

Yes. All of’s decentralized technology will be released open source. You can explore the code for yourself by visiting our GitHub repository.

Is it a blockchain?

The Smart Ledger is an entirely new ledger technology that provides the scalability necessary to support millions of transactions per second. We are also developing infrastructure that supports a decentralized digital world and provides a platform for machine learning to deliver accurate predictions to the marketplace. Our technical whitepaper, provides information on the ledger structure and how it functions and further details can be found in our publication outlining the Design of a Scalable Distributed Ledger.

Is a permissioned or permissionless system? is developing an unpermissioned ledger system. However, we also envisage operating the ledger in permissioned environments, such as healthcare and IoT settings, to facilitate the bottom-up deployment of autonomous agents. These could be used, for example, to improve medical diagnoses by linking together information from multiple separate data sources, whilst maintaining the privacy of the underlying data.

What was your CEO’s involvement with DeepMind?

Humayun’s involvement was to investigate commercial applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to modelling commodity markets. He did not have a title and was not part of the technical team, but played a role in the initial commercialization strategy for the technology on the basis of his background in commodity trading and deployment of trading algorithms. Over the past four years he has been working to implement predictive analytics in the transport and supply chain sectors.

What was your COO’s role at DeepMind?

Toby was at DeepMind from 2011 to 2013 and his job title was ‘Head of Software Design’. After 2013 he stayed on as a consultant for a while. The details are available on his LinkedIn profile. His primary influence from an AI/software perspective, though, was from the management and direction of the Creatures series of games in the second half of the 1990s. He learnt how metaphors and other inspiration from nature could be used to manage software complexity and generate general purpose AIs that could evolve to better meet the challenges of the environment that they inhabit. He went on to create a biologically inspired MMOG engine where tens of thousands of autonomous agents interacted with each other to allow rich, complex worlds to merge that could adapt to the needs of their users. This philosophy is a key component of our vision for

Who are's partners? is working with a growing number of partners. We are excited to announce agreements with several more in the coming months, but the ones we have discussed publicly include:


Blockchain for Europe: Alongside Ripple, NEM and EMURGO/Cardano we founded the association in December 2018 to represent blockchain originating organisations at a European level.


Trusted IoT Alliance: TIoTA was founded to support the creation of a secure, scalable and interoperable IoT ecosystem and includes major corporations such as Bosch, Cisco and Siemens among its members.


T-Labs: In May 2019 we announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with T-Labs, the R&D unit of Deutsche Telekom.


Decentralized metal exchange consortium: In October 2019 we announced a partnership with Turkish steelmakers including Baştuğ Metallurgy to develop the first AI-powered decentralized metals exchange and recorded the historic first trade on the exchange. The project received an additional boost when we announced a partnership with Grey Swan Digital a few weeks later. and Grey Swan Digital will integrate their platforms in order to offer Smart Market Making and Smart Margin Lending.


Cambridge University: In December 2019 we announced a partnership with Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing to develop supply chain use cases with AI multi-agent systems and our next-generation blockchain.


Ankr: The partnership, agreed in December 2019, will see further grows its network. Ankr will provide a node hosting application which enables users to run master nodes.

Who does have on board as advisors? benefits from the assistance of several advisors from a wide range of sectors. To learn more about these individuals, please visit our website.

What media attention have you received?

As our project has developed, we have received coverage from a range of publications. This includes two Gartner industry reports. The first, Hype Cycle for Blockchain Business, recognized as a sample vendor in strategic tokenization. In the second report, titled Seize the Technology Advantage With Combinatorial Digital Innovation, Gartner described the unique benefits provided by our network.


A few other selected articles are listed below:

The Blockchain-Enabled Intelligent IoT Economy (Forbes)

Together we can thwart the big-tech data grab (The Guardian)

Meet Fetch, the AI creation of DeepMind pioneers who refuse to succumb to Google (The Telegraph)

New ways to trade data (The Economist)

When was founded? was founded in early 2017, following a merger of two independent companies, itzMe.AI and uVue. itzMe.AI was operating in the field of social networks while uVue was involved in developing control systems for autonomous vehicles.

What are your social media channels?

To find out what we’re working on, you can visit our Medium page and our blog. For our latest updates, please join us on social media:


English Telegram

Chinese Telegram





If you’re interested in working with us, please visit our careers page, where we have a number of opportunities available.

If you would like to invest in, please email [email protected]. For all other enquiries, please email [email protected].