Revealing the interoperability vision with our new virtual machine

Jul 21, 2020 ($FET) today announced its interoperability vision to bring machine learning services to every ledger and all chains, along with the timings of the imminent upgrade to the test network to incorporate a new performance-focused FET virtual machine, based on WebAssembly.

This week, the virtual machine will be upgraded on the test network, along with new documentation to enable agent developers to prepare for the migration onto the live network. CEO, Humayun Sheikh commented on the announcement:

“This evolution in our network will in time unlock huge value for the services, with new opportunities opening for every chain to access AI and machine learning services, powered by the FET token”.

The planned version 2.0 of the main net will be interoperable with Cosmos Hub and other chains such as Ethereum via Cosmos’ IBC bridge, with a roadmap to enable full cross-chain compatibility. Head of Research, Jonathan Ward added:

“We’re excited to be working with the Cosmwasm team to bring’s agent and decentralised machine learning solutions to many different chains. This move allows our AI technology to be applied in areas where it has had greatest impact in the centralized world such as social networks, gaming and, of course, finance.” is an artificial intelligence lab based in Cambridge, building an open access, tokenized, decentralized machine learning network. This open-source software stack allows any organisation to build or configure applications on top of a digital representation of the world in which “software agents”, autonomously search, negotiate and transact.

Current research and delivery focus areas are

  • Collective Learning — enabling privacy preserving decentralized machine learning tasks on the FET network
  • Mobility networks — integrating transport, logistics and supply chains via agent-based solutions for complex coordination tasks
  • Financial services & “DeFi” — providing automation to open financial infrastructure via liquidity, connections and intelligence