Fetch.ai announces senior leadership promotions

Aug 17, 2020

Fetch.ai announces promotions to members of its senior leadership team. Co-founder Toby Simpson moves from CTO to Chief Operating Officer, and Head of Research Jonathan Ward is promoted to Chief Technology Officer

Cambridge, UK — Fetch.ai (FET) today announced the promotion of two senior executives in the firm to reinforce its continued transition from research and development to commercial deployment of its ground-breaking AI and multi-agent systems technology in business areas such as mobility, health-care, supply chains and DeFi.

Fetch.ai CEO, Humayun Sheikh commented on the announcement:

“We are very proud of our team and we want to ensure that we are enabling them to achieve their full potential. With growing commercial focus we felt it was important that Toby’s title reflected the more commercial and management role he has been increasingly playing. Jon’s new position as CTO allows him to better focus on delivering the exciting technology coming from our research team.”

As Chief Operating Officer, Simpson will focus on managing the running of the company and enabling the teams to deliver efficiently.

Fetch.ai Chief Operating Officer Toby Simpson added: “As we transition from researching and building towards delivery, use-cases and commercial partnerships, it’s important that we get our resources in the right place to best make this happen. My technical background helps Fetch.ai deliver this over the coming decade, and it’s wonderful to have Jon taking the reins on the technology side to manage the process of delivering that.”

After three years as Head of Research, where he has led the Fetch.ai research team, and co-authored 11 papers on blockchains, machine learning and cryptography, Ward will now lead the entire technology team as the final stages of the Fetch.ai network are rolled out and will be concentrating on delivering the commercially deployable technology beyond its research and development phase.

Fetch.ai CTO Jonathan Ward added:

“It’s been a privilege to work alongside an outstanding group of people over the past few years. We’re a research-intensive organization and since the start of the year, I’ve also been leading our software developers in making these exciting innovations a reality. I’m looking forward to working closely with Toby and Humayun to overcome the many technical and other challenges that are needed to bring these technologies to the market. We’re tantalisingly close to achieving many great things. ”

Fetch.ai is an artificial intelligence lab based in Cambridge, building an open access, tokenized, decentralized machine learning network. This open-source software stack allows any organisation to build or configure applications on top of a digital representation of the world in which “software agents”, autonomously search, negotiate and transact.

Current research and delivery focus areas are:

  • Collective Learning — enabling privacy preserving decentralized machine learning tasks on the FET network
  • Mobility networks — integrating transport, logistics and supply chains via agent-based solutions for complex coordination tasks
  • Financial services & “DeFi” — providing automation to open financial infrastructure via liquidity, connections and intelligence