Fetch.ai partners with Waves to bring machine learning to more chains via the Gravity protocol

Aug 24, 2020

We are excited to announce a partnership between Waves and Fetch.ai, an open-access machine learning network that powers AI infrastructure on top of a decentralized digital economy. The Fetch.ai team is becoming a significant collaborator of Waves with an aim to conduct joint R&D for the purpose of bringing increased multi-chain capabilities to Fetch.ai’s system of autonomous economic agents (AEAs).

Fetch.ai creates machine learning tools and infrastructure to build and support a decentralized digital economy. To guarantee the secure sharing of data and transactions, the machine learning platform of Fetch.ai utilizes distributed ledger technology. Fetch.ai’s solution, having a wide potential in many service areas, is an open-access network, meaning that anyone with the proper infrastructure can operate a hub in the system, gaining access to the powerful AI tools that help to facilitate and collectively coordinate complex machine learning tasks for the modern economy. One of the key tools is a set of autonomous software agents that provide AI services, connecting suppliers and consumers of raw and processed data.

Recently, Fetch.ai has been concentrating on providing solutions for the decentralized finance field, including the provision of data feeds for various market pairs, commodities, indices, futures etc, as an effort to offer value to decentralized exchanges that can allow for increased liquidity in the trading of various assets. As a result of this collaboration, closer integration with Gravity will bring seamless interoperability to Fetch.ai, making the solutions accessible across various blockchains and opening up ways for all Gravity-connected communities to use Fetch.ai machine learning functionality within the comfort of their respective ecosystems. The timely integration of Fetch.ai as a target blockchain in the Gravity network means that the autonomous economic agents’ infrastructure will become accessible on Waves, with a number of prominent blockchains to be added shortly, bringing Fetch.ai to the forefront of the Interchain DeFi trend. In the near future, Fetch.ai can also join the Gravity network as a trusted data supplier.

In addition, Fetch.ai is aiming to apply its solution to supply chains, to help market participants overcome existing hindrances through decentralized technology. In the future, by being integrated into Gravity, a new enterprise data solution can enter the market, permitting the opening of new financial models for supply chain participants and providing them with a choice of various enterprise blockchains. Last but not least, the $FET token will be available on multiple chains through Gravity SuSy, the seamless cross-chain token swap solution presently in the works.

Teaming up with Fetch.ai will bring about a valuable set of AI solutions to the communities of Waves and any new target blockchains of Gravity. Waves intend to extend the scope of this partnership to add innovative ways of integration with the Gravity protocol and allow for increasing machine learning capabilities in the interoperability and DeFi spaces.