Fetch.ai wins TIoTA Smart E-Mobility Challenge

May 17, 2019

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We are thrilled to be part of the team that won the Trusted IoT Alliance Smart E-Mobility Challenge. In collaboration with BoschT-Labs and Share&Charge, we developed ‘My Easy Charge’ and were awarded first place in the Challenge at Bosch Connected World 2019 in Berlin. The prototype technology we developed for electrical vehicle charging combines the intelligence of autonomous economic agents with distributed ledger technology and peer-to-peer communication to enable seamless charging and settlement.

This innovative solution delivers the interoperability between electric vehicles and charging stations that is currently lacking. It demonstrates a real-world deployment, introducing personalised experiences that save drivers and charging point operators both time and money.

The prototype shows how autonomous agents make decisions on your behalf, based on your preferences. After learning of your destination, the agents will plan a route and suggest charging points along the way that are suited to your wishes as an individual (such as if you are looking for a restaurant or hotel to be located nearby to the charging point). The autonomous agents will also learn each drivers’ price limit, enabling them to inform the driver only of charging points that fit their criteria.

Drivers will benefit from this technology as they gain a better user experience through optimised routing and personalised recommendations of relevant charging points. Charging unit operators can reduce costs thanks to the high level of automation in the payment process and can differentiate themselves from their competitors.

For more information, watch this video which summarises our submission to the TIoTA judging panel: