Fetch.ai x 0chain Partnership Announcement

Dec 21, 2020

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Fetch.ai is pleased to announce a partnership with 0Chain (a decentralized blockchain-based storage platform with built-in privacy and security compliance), thereby enabling Fetch.ai to scale its autonomous agent functionalities via 0chain’s proprietary data storage solutions.0Chain provides a combination of blockchain-as-a-service and decentralized cloud storage to organizations wishing to adopt blockchain solutions. Completely customizable to the requirements of different organizations, 0Chain’s solution will provide decentralized data storage to Fetch.ai’s autonomous agents and enable developers to create dApps designed to serve Fetch.ai’s agent framework across a range of platforms.

“Secure, privacy-focused decentralised storage is a vital part of any of the decentralised applications built using autonomous economic agents”, commented Toby Simpson, co-founder of Fetch.ai. “Being able to connect agents working in mobility, supply chains, health-care and more directly and so easily to 0Chain’s storage solution is a fantastic step forward.”

With Fetch.ai’s March 2021 launch of it’s v2.0 mainnet, this partnership with 0Chain will enable the agent framework from Fetch.ai to unlock new services and new opportunities across the web 3.0 ecosystem powered by the FET token.

“GDPR privacy compliance issues such as Joint Controller is a major problem for AI companies providing a service to bigger companies, because any breach becomes an existential threat as they are equally liable regardless of where the breach occurred”, noted Saswata Basu, founder of 0Chain. “By using 0Chain’s highly secure blockchain based storage platform, which has a single repository of data with immutable ledger entries, AI companies on Fetch.ai can substantially lower this risk, and enjoy a high performance storage service”.

Most AI companies use a data lake architecture incorporating object storage (such as S3) on a cloud (e.g. AWS) to store their data. Instead they can easily store it on 0Chain. All they need is a Kafka stream proxy server to save and retrieve data from 0Chain and record all data activities on the ledger such as upload, download, delete and share. This ensures a better-than-GDPR privacy and security compliant solution for their data and reduces liability risk exposure.