Fetch.ai’s Interoperability, Part 1: A Brief Introduction

Mar 26, 2021

At Fetch.ai, we aim to provide the whole Web3 ecosystem with an efficient, reliable and future-proof infrastructure and set of tools to build a future in line with our goals: a decentralized digital economy using the power of blockchain, of artificial intelligence, and of machine-to-machine communication, to unlock smarter and smoother interactions between humans, machines, and money.

This is why, beyond building our own Fetch.ai applications, we also give access to the core programmatic functions they are based on, so that more and more projects, now and tomorrow, can develop their own products and services: we are giving them tools to develop better products quicker and more efficiently, so they can in return benefit the whole decentralized world we want to make happen.

And as we want our core functions to be as easily and straightforwardly accessible as can be, we designed one sufficient door opener to unlock all of them: the FET token, interoperable with any chain.

We designed our core functions as a set of advanced practical tools for anyone to build products and services for the Web3 ecosystem, and to leverage our research and achievements in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

And besides being a monetary asset to fuel the new economy coming, the FET token also contains this set of core functions to develop with.

So you can picture FET not only as a token, but as the door to a whole development framework.

In other words, FET is the technical bridge and interface between the bricks we’re providing to build decentralized intelligent applications, and anyone wishing to build their own dApps on these bricks.

And for our functions to be free to use on any blockchain, we made FET blockchain-agnostic: use it anywhere and build anywhere.

So to sum it up, we at Fetch.ai have 2 separate complementary activities:

  • On the first floor, we build our own Fetch.ai applications and services, as well as our own Fetch.ai blockchain, that we designed to particularly fit with our own goals, for reasons that will be explained in future posts.
  • On the second floor, we want to help the whole ecosystem, and anyone wishing to build it. Which is why we make our core functions available to anyone through our FET token, and make FET blockchain-agnostic to allow projects to freely work in any context they think fits best with their goals.
  • Finally, on the third floor, the benefit for the users is that they won’t need any other token than FET to use any dApp based on the functions we provide, no matter who built the dApp and on what chain.

Stay tuned: in the near future, we’re planning more and more cross-events with major chains and ecosystems such as Polkadot, to draw a global network of comrades building complementary paths in a common direction.

FET is already available on major exchanges such as Binance, making it one step away for anyone to build tomorrow’s decentralized world.